B2B organizations and their media agencies have more choices than ever for engaging business audiences with paid media advertising. To help B2B organizations decide which B2B advertising solutions to invest in, Forrester researched, analyzed, evaluated, and scored vendor platforms offered by 6sense, AdDaptive Intelligence, Adobe, Demandbase, Influ2, Jabmo, LinkedIn, Madison Logic, Marin Software, Metadata, RollWorks, StackAdapt, Terminus, and The Trade Desk. The report shows how each provider measures up and helps B2B marketing and agency professionals select the right one for their needs.

Choosing The Right B2B Advertising Solution

So what makes an advertising solution a good fit for a B2B organization? B2B marketing and agency professionals should look for providers that:

  • Support your specific B2B return-on-advertising-spend models. Within the same company, B2B lines of business may need to support a variety of customer journeys with advertising flights. There are important differences between advertising to drive brand awareness, B2B e-commerce transactions, generating leads for sales, or influencing downstream outcomes such as opportunities for complex sales cycles. B2B organizations should be prepared to buy multiple solutions to meet a variety of B2B advertising placement and reporting use cases while looking to minimize redundancy.
  • Can place your advertising in front of your B2B audiences across channels and contexts. B2B advertising vendors tend to say that they are omnichannel — none are. Look for vendors that are purpose-built to maximize business audience efficacy and amplitude in privacy-safe ways. Leading vendors offer a customer data platform or identity graph, cross-channel breadth, and user controls for business inventory discovery. Many can also leverage first-party data, target anonymous and known business audiences, manage and test your creative capabilities, and connect your ads to the most advantageous buying modalities based on your goals and preferences.
  • Support your principles of privacy, safety, transparency, and advocacy. The advertising supply chain is highly complex and full of large and small decisions that can make or break your advertising success and your brand. Look for vendors that share your company’s views on privacy and safety issues such as identifying and targeting individuals or placing business ads in personal social media contexts. Also look for vendors that embrace full transparency and advertiser control in media buying and reporting. Leading vendors have thoughtfully included best-in-class principles in their execution roadmaps, commercial models, and innovation roadmaps.

Learn More About B2B Advertising Solutions

Interested in learning more about B2B advertising solutions and which solutions your company should leverage? If you are a client, read the report and schedule an inquiry with me to discuss your organization’s specific requirements.