Audience insights are more critical than ever for B2B marketers. Business decision-makers are making the shift to anywhere work and spending more of their time with digital media. How much time are B2B buyers spending with digital media? About half of the business decision-makers in Forrester’s Q4 2021 B2B Advertising Trends Survey said they spend more than four hours per week. And VPs and functional leaders are twice as likely to spend more than 10 hours per week.

B2B marketers are wise to consider shifting resources to stay in front of these digitally active B2B buyers. And it’s no surprise that digital advertising budgets are increasing in many B2B companies. But B2B marketers shouldn’t be too quick to plow more money into paid media. The risks of wasting money are high in B2B. There are more ways to fail than there are to succeed!

Here are five key audience insights that B2B marketers need to minimize advertising waste and maximize returns:

  1. Media time spent
  2. Preferred mediums and channels
  3. Advertising preferences
  4. Behavioral insights
  5. Attitudinal insights

B2B marketers should apply a solid audience targeting strategy guided by audience insights and intent signals. That way, B2B paid media budgets can achieve the right advertising amplitude.

Forrester clients can access some of our digital media audience insights in our new report, Advertising To B2B Decision-Makers Is A Waste Without These Five Audience Insights.