Marketing leaders have had an exciting 18 months, if “exciting” is really the accurate word to use. Some would probably argue that “turbulent” is a more accurate description. But as each month rolls into the next, there is no doubt that some semblance of balance and normality is in place today, even if “normal” means coping with unplanned and untimed changes on a frequent and regular basis.

At Forrester, we have also had an exciting 18 months, shelving planned research that we had in the pipeline 18 months ago to swivel to topics that are more pertinent and urgent for the times we are living in. We made rapid changes to what we needed to focus on in our research, providing more relevance and value to our clients and helping them address the challenges that came out of nowhere — so fast and so furious that the changes left many unable to cope and respond in a timely manner. And out of this route of research, we continued to bring trending information and insights to our clients on how to continue to progress and grow as the “new normal” morphs into “business as usual.”

As we start to get into the planning cycle for 2022, the effects of the last 18 months have surfaced up new trends and insights that need to be taken into account as marketing leaders plan for the new year.

For example, according to insights from Forrester’s 2021 B2B Buying Survey, the number of interactions required before a purchase decision increased significantly in Asia Pacific, from 18 in 2019 to 25 in 2021, indicating that a reinforced level of trust is required from buyers before a decision is made. These considerably altered B2B buying behaviours require new approaches and a truly buyer-first orientation. By embracing these changes, you can ensure that your marketing plans and programs will reap your desired rewards.

Join us for a live webinar on November 10 as Forrester Principal Analysts Paul Dolan and Daryl Wright walk through all of the considerations that APAC marketing leaders need to take into account when planning for 2022, then listen to your peers from Adobe, Salesforce, and SoftBank in a panel moderated by Forrester Principal Analyst Mavis Liew as they share the changes they’ve made, how they have coped with managing these changes, and what their plans are as we move into 2022.

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