Banks and other financial services firms always ask: “What are the others doing?” They leverage the answer to this question to assess their overall strategic position, compare their key challenges with those of others, and plan for the transformation of their application landscape to a more powerful customer-centric approach.

The state of digital transformation in financial services

Source: Financial Services Firms Have Solid Plans For Transformation But Lack Urgency

We’ve been providing the answer to this question for over 15 years based on our biannual Global Financial Services Architecture Survey. It’s now time to update the survey results. Forrester has started surveying financial services firms in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and other geographies about their major business drivers, the current state of their application landscape, their key issues and concerns, and their plans for the future. At a high level, the survey is designed to answer the question: “What are others doing?” Phrased differently, it asks the question: “What are the key digital transformation trends in financial services in a continuously changing and evolving market?”

To make this survey successful, Forrester needs your help. If you work in financial services in any role that is related to financial services business applications, architecture, or strategy, please participate in Forrester’s Global Financial Services Architecture Online Survey 2021 by following this link. You will need to invest about 20 minutes, and — if you leave your email address — you will receive a free copy of the Forrester survey report.

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