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Welcome To The World Of No More Jobs

Katy Tynan November 16, 2021
The concept of a "job" has always been a weak, albeit useful, construct. Employment in the future will focus far less on static jobs and far more on skills, experience, and adaptiveness.

Do You Have A Future Fit Learning Culture?

Katy Tynan December 15, 2020
Change is the new normal. From global pandemics to disruptive innovation and beyond, every organization is in a constant state of reinvention, and static learning models aren’t keeping up. The old model of learning and then earning has been disrupted, leaving businesses holding the bag on continuous upskilling as higher education struggles to reinvent itself. […]

Inclusion And Diversity Research: Five Surprising Things We Learned

Katy Tynan September 17, 2020
This week, we released a report on the state of the practice of DEI: diversity, equity, and inclusion (see “The Business Of Belonging: How Equity For Employees Drives Equity For Your Brand“). In the course of the research, we interviewed a cross section of practitioners, including chief diversity officers (CDOs), researchers, consultants, and experts in […]

Are Your Managers Asking The Right Questions?

Katy Tynan July 6, 2020
First-time managers can struggle to get the best performance from their teams. Fortunately, employee coaching skills can be learned. Principal Analyst Katy Tynan explains how to get started.

Help Your Employees Adapt To The Post-Pandemic “Adjusted Normal”

James L. McQuivey, PhD June 12, 2020
We’ve pulled together a collection of Forrester's research that will aid our clients in supporting their employees in this “adjusted normal” and maintain employee engagement.

Culture Is (Still) Not About Ping-Pong Tables And Free Meals

Katy Tynan June 2, 2020
The pandemic is forcing companies to ask: How does our culture work remotely? Start with these five activities to arrive at the answer.

Why We All, Especially Leaders, Need Sports To Return

Katy Tynan May 4, 2020
There is a surprising link between sports and the C-suite. Many of the same attributes that define a successful athlete also apply to a strong executive: the drive for greatness, resilience, determination, love of competition, and appreciation for leading and being a part of a team.