Change is the new normal. From global pandemics to disruptive innovation and beyond, every organization is in a constant state of reinvention, and static learning models aren’t keeping up. The old model of learning and then earning has been disrupted, leaving businesses holding the bag on continuous upskilling as higher education struggles to reinvent itself. What does that mean for leaders? It’s time to redefine the role of learning in your organization.

What is learning culture? Forrester defines it as:

An environment that values growth and smart risk-taking, investing in resources and rewarding practices that embrace continuous innovation.

As we look at this definition, there are some key elements to think about as you consider where your organization falls on the spectrum of maturity of learning culture:

  • Valuing growth. The talent we bring into the organization has value not only for the skills they have today but for what they can learn to be ready for tomorrow. Learning culture means that every person in the organization embeds learning experiences, both formal and informal, into their regular cadence of work.
  • Taking smart risks. The idea of failing forward is not new, but most organizations still struggle to incorporate calculated risk-taking into their operations. Learning culture means leaders at all levels see value in taking smart risks, measuring results, and seeking incremental improvement as a key element of success.
  • Investing in resources. Learning culture is, at its core, a mindset. But it requires resources and tools to be implemented effectively. Adaptive learning technology has evolved to support more efficient learning capabilities. Employees need time, tools, and manager support to embrace and adopt learning in the flow of work.
  • Rewarding innovation. Traditional performance management practices reward success, driving employees and managers to focus on optimizing existing practices rather than innovating. Learning-oriented reward and recognition programs elevate and bring visibility to innovation, valuing a test and learn approach over perfection.

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