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To Become Future Fit, Ditch The PMO Moniker

Margo Visitacion September 1, 2023
To become more future fit, consider moving your IT operations from a project management office to a strategic value office operating model. Learn the key points in this post.

The Market For VSM And SPM Takes A Big Step Forward

Christopher Condo May 25, 2022
The announcement that Planview has entered into an agreement to acquire Tasktop marks a new milestone in the evolution and maturity of the value stream management (VSM) solutions market. This acquisition brings together two companies with very complementary strengths: Planview provides lean portfolio management, capacity, and financial management, and Tasktop provides value stream management and […]

Transform IT From Efficient Costs To Effective Value Streams 

Frederic Giron March 15, 2022
Transitioning to a future fit technology strategy can increase the value your technology organization delivers. Find out how in this blog post.

COVID Drives M&A Activity In DevOps And IT Management

Sandy Carielli December 4, 2020
Learn how the pandemic's increased uncertainty and volatility has produced some attractive M&A opportunities in DevOps and IT Management.

Agile, DevOps, And COVID-19

Charles Betz March 23, 2020
Now is not the time to revert back to old industrial practices. The world is going even more digital because of the COVID-19 crisis, and old industrial era thinking needs to be abandoned once and for all.

Scaling Agile? Take Our Survey And Learn How To Reenergize The Journey

Diego Lo Giudice June 3, 2019
I’m very excited to be teaming up with Margo Visitacion on the biennial Forrester State of Agile At Scale Survey. This year, we’ve added a few more questions in areas that we see organizations struggle. In addition to successful Agile team practices and alignment with business stakeholders upstream and downstream with testing/operations, we are now […]

Adapt Corporate Finance Practices To Support Digital Transformation

Margo Visitacion February 28, 2019
We’ve been researching a central dilemma for software leaders over the last year: If software is so important to digital business and customer engagement, why isn’t software development better understood by the C-suite? To foster an environment of fast and valuable software development, CEOs must be in the driver’s seat; they must master software as […]

Answers To An Agile FAQ: People Over Process

Margo Visitacion February 28, 2019
What Our Clients Tell Us All The Time . . . “Our organization has gone to great lengths to become Agile, and we are well on our journey, but there is friction between our org and those within the company who have not yet transitioned to Agile practices.” Agile teams feel bogged down and relevant […]

It’s Not Always Visible To The Naked Eye: Using Next-Generation Portfolio Management To Translate Data To Information

Margo Visitacion October 4, 2013
I’ve lived in my house for a long time and it’s time for a refresh. Over the last several months, I planned what needed significant investment and what only needed a cosmetic update. A couple of things were evident: new windows, for one. I was confident that the rest could be handled with some spackle […]

CSC Acquires AppLabs – Building Bench Strength In The Testing-As-A-Service Market, Especially If CSC Looks At The Bigger Picture

Margo Visitacion September 15, 2011
CSC announced today that it is acquiring AppLabs, a US-based IV&V testing vendor. At first glance, it's a win, maybe a win for both sides. CSC states that one of the reasons that it acquired AppLabs is to augment its horizontal application strategy – due to AppLabs' presence in the US and UK (both vendors have firmly rooted practices in […]

PMOs – Think Outside Of The Box. Will Kanban Work For You?

Margo Visitacion May 23, 2011
Gaining visibility into the big picture of an IT portfolio feels like one of the unsolvable challenges, and it’s not for lack of trying. Dashboards abound, and PPM tools are becoming more user friendly all the time, but do these tools really provide transparency into what’s really going on? Sometimes I think these tools provide MORE […]

Daptiv Acquired By Parallax Capital Partners = Faster Maturation Of PPM SaaS, But Does It Signal The Next Wave Of Consolidation?

Margo Visitacion July 30, 2010
On July 27, 2010, Parallax Capital Partners announced that it was acquiring Daptiv, a SaaS PPM vendor. Forrester customers who are current Daptiv customers or are considering Daptiv as a PPM vendor should not be deterred. As a $20 million vendor, Daptiv provided a strong work group for project portfolio management, performing well at the […]

Deltek Announces Its Intent To Acquire Maconomy: The PSA Segment Of Project-Based Solutions Is Alive And Well

Margo Visitacion June 3, 2010
Deltek’s announcement today of its intent to acquire Maconomy has the potential to vault the vendor’s position as a potential leader in the project-based solutions (PBS) space. For midmarket organizations that deliver projects as a crucial part of their revenue generation, this is a good move. While the focuses of the products share slight overlaps, […]

Is Risk Based Testing Part of Your Test Planning?

Margo Visitacion April 14, 2010
Recently, I’ve been getting more inquiries around risk based testing.   In addition to agile test methods and test estimation, test teams turning their eyes to risk based testing is just another positive step in integrating quality through out the SDLC.  Yes, I still see QA engineers as having to put their evangelist hats on to […]

What’s In Your Test Estimation Framework?

Margo Visitacion March 5, 2010
I've been working quite closely with fellow analysts Dave West and Mary Gerush surrounding project estimation. Regardless if you're in the Agile world, testing is factored in (well, unit testing anyway), and if you're in the traditional camp, we've heard the same pain from a number of Forrester customers. No matter what methodology we use, […]

Metrics, Metrics, Metrics – What Do Benchmarks Tell Us Anyway?

Margo Visitacion February 17, 2010
A common inquiry request to Forrester is asking for benchmarks for quality.  Testing groups are struggling to figure out how well they’re doing and if the processes they’re fighting for are making a difference.   QA value can be hard to define and to prove if development and project teams don’t regularly collect metrics to measure productivity […]

What are the Next Secret Weapons in the Test Manager’s Toolbox?

Margo Visitacion September 18, 2009
As teams become more agile, or, add more agile like practices to traditional development practices, I’m seeing increasing frustration on the part of test managers.  Rapid development cycles and scrutinized bottom lines are putting more pressure on them to deliver comprehensive testing in tighter time frames.  More and more testing is being taken on by development teams, and while […]