COVID-19 is now an unavoidable part of consumers’ lives, and marketers need guidance on how to effectively communicate with them in these ever-changing times. To help marketers address the fear, uncertainty, and challenges that consumers are experiencing, we’ve created a collection of research that provides a range of approaches to consider as they strategize how their brands should communicate their relevance and benefits in these changed times. This collection of Forrester’s research will help you adjust your brand messaging for the “new normal.”

Marketers should focus on three key areas: 1) Explain your brand’s precautions and ease fears with operational messaging on the experience customers can expect when they interact with your brand; 2) reinforce your product’s value and its place during the pandemic with brand messaging; and 3) use empathy to enrich your brand image with values-based messaging, positioning your brand as a source of comfort and reassurance. Our research shows you how.

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