COVID-19: Responding, Managing, And Leading During A Pandemic

The latest insights and guidance for leaders to address the growing business and employee experience implications of COVID-19. Forrester clients can access additional insights here.

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Agile And Low-Code: Rocket Fuel For Digital Transformations

Diego Lo Giudice September 7, 2022
A truly digital business quickly implements and continuously improves all its policies, processes, and procedures in software. There are many new practices and technologies that can help organizations innovate and deal with constant change.

Random Acts Of Automation: 10 Pitfalls We Must Avoid

Craig Le Clair August 22, 2022
The trend toward automation is not new. The Industrial Revolution started it in the 19th century, but there has never been such rapid automation progress as today. All forms have accelerated, often without understanding their effect. Humans have become choke points in operations, points of disease and legal liability, and friction to smooth digital pathways, […]

This Back-To-School Season, Learn To Evolve Your Loyalty Strategy

Mary Pilecki August 16, 2022
Despite the heat wave across the United States, summer is quickly coming to a close. In just a few weeks, kids around the globe will be back in the classroom for a new year of learning. Loyalty marketers, you might consider joining them! Since early 2020, concerns for health and safety, supply chain issues, and […]

Emotional Quality Of Experiences: The 2022 CX Index Bright Spot

Linda Ivy-Rosser June 27, 2022
Recently Forrester released the US Customer Experience Index Rankings for 2022 and one prominent message was the fall of CX quality across industries (see Figure 1). However, it also revealed a bright spot - the emotional quality of customer experiences remains consistent.  According to the Average US CX Index, 60% of customers expressed they had emotionally positive experiences compared with 62% in 2021 and 60% in 2020. 

Employee Experience


Planning Your Return To Office Requires Calculating Readiness

Discover key questions that need to be answered for a successful return to office plan and how to calculate your organization's return to office readiness.

Employee Experience Is A Business Imperative

European recovery from the pandemic depends on employee experience; yet, many leaders still underestimate the importance of culturally transforming their organization and embracing a new management approach. The firms that will succeed out of the crisis will be those that prioritize EX and embrace anywhere work.

How To Accelerate A Cultural Employee Experience Shift In Europe

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven that the correlation between employee experience, customer experience, and overall business results is stronger than ever. Find out why.

The Employee Experience Of A Pandemic In Australia

How is COVID-19 affecting employees — and how will employees’ experience of the pandemic shape the way you manage your organisation, team, and initiatives? Forrester analysts share insights from our PandemicEX survey of Australian working adults.

Ensure Your Workplace Doesn’t Become A New Source Of COVID-19 Infections

As employees return to physical workplaces, the risk of new outbreaks is real. Learn what employers can do to mitigate this risk.

The COVID-19 Crisis Sets The Direction For Europe’s Job Market

The COVID-19 crisis on its own won't fundamentally change the workplace. Yet by accelerating trends such as remote work, workspace virtualization, and automation, the pandemic is transforming the European job market.

Mental Health: Keep The Conversation Open

With fear and anxiety on the rise, mental health support is a critical element of any post-pandemic business continuity plan. Learn the key trends and next steps for employers.

Answering The Top Return-To-Work Questions For Our Government Clients

Learn more about translating social distancing guidelines to the workplace, providing safe commuting options, and more.

Security & Risk


COVID-19 Drives Delivery Model Transformation And A Sustainability Revolution In The Security Consulting Space

“The Forrester Wave™: European Cybersecurity Consulting Providers, Q3 2021,” launched today. Fifteen firms are featured in this report, representing a cross section of large international security consulting providers and more regionally based security pure plays. The European security consultancy market has seen a large transformation in the past 16 months in how it delivers value […]

Vaccines Bring Hope, But New Challenges Arise

There are now multiple COVID-19 vaccines paving the path to an eventual recovery of social and economic activity lost to the pandemic since 2020. However, it will not be an easy path due to tremendous challenges ranging from supply chain and distribution difficulties to ethical and policy-related concerns.

Managing The Risks Of The New Remote Workforce


Infections Are Surging In The US, China, And Brazil — Exercise Caution In Your Return-To-Work Plan

Learn six important insights that will help your business plan a safe and productive return to work from the pandemic.

Address Legal, Regulatory, And Operational Risks For The Return To Work

In addition to government guidelines, firms must consider a number of other factors in bringing employees back to work. Here are four areas you might not be thinking about.

When It Comes To Saving Lives, Cybersecurity Pros Emerge As Influencers

As concerns swirl around COVID-19 contact-tracing apps, privacy and security leaders are playing a critical role in building public trust.

How To Adjust Your Tech Budget To Survive Or Thrive In The Pandemic Recession

As firms emerge from the coronavirus pandemic, they need to realign tech spending to match post-pandemic priorities. Here are some tools and insight that can help.

The Security Snapshot: Embracing The New Norm

Our security analysts provide guidance for managing security and risk during the coronavirus pandemic.



Forecasting In Uncertainty: US Tech Market Outlook Improves To 7.4% Growth In 2021

All categories of tech budgets will see growing demand this year and next, and software spending will be particularly strong.

COVID-19 Accelerates Digital Business In 2021

For companies that were early in their digital transformation journeys pre-pandemic, catching up with more digitally advanced firms has been hard. What separates the two groups?

Forecasting In Uncertainty: Q1 2021 Data Confirms The Strength Of The US Tech Market

New data from the US Bureau of Economic Analysis mostly confirmed the key elements of our 2021 US tech market forecast. Yet there were some surprises. 

Forecasting In Uncertainty: Despite The Pandemic, US Tech Jobs Grew In 2020, Led By Data And Security Positions

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released its 2020 occupational employment survey (OES) on March 31. We use this data for our estimates and forecast of US business and government spending on tech staff, utilizing both the data on tech jobs by industry and on average annual salaries for different tech positions. But the […]

Don’t Let Crisis-Driven Tech Decisions Impact Your Opportunity To Be Future Fit

After a period of scrambling, many technology leaders are looking to get their technology strategy more future fit. Here’s how you can do it.

Finally, A US Digital Stimulus Package … But One That Only Keeps The Lights On

When US President Joe Biden signed the American Rescue Plan Act into law, he added $1.9 trillion of economic stimulus to the $2.2 trillion provided by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act and $0.9 trillion included in the federal government’s appropriations bill for 2021. This brings the combined fiscal stimulus of the Trump […]

The Key Attributes to ​ Successful Innovation

Recognise and learn from the key attributes for successful innovation in a crisis.

Top Tips To Keep Your Innovation Practice Alive While Everyone Is Working From Home

From in-home virtual reality labs to surprise gifts mailed to colleagues, creative ideas abound to keep teams motivated.

The Future Workplace: Top Considerations for Technology Leaders in Europe

Discover the trends and opportunities for European technology leaders when planning their return to the workplace.

CX & Marketing


Post-Pandemic In-Store Shopping: Consumers Reconsider The Value Of The Store

Now that consumers have experienced the convenience of online purchasing, shoppers are rethinking the purpose of the in-store experience.

US Consumer Pandemic Recovery Outlook, June 2021: Health And Financial Fears Linger

Sixteen months after the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic and more than a year after the US reached the highest number of confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths globally, consumers are grappling with a mix of conflicting emotions. With the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s relaxation of restrictions, the biggest vaccine campaign […]

Person-To-Person Customer Experience Breaks Free From The Store

Even before the pandemic, organizations across industries have been grappling with how to manage customer experiences across physical and digital touchpoints. But the context of the 2020 pandemic forced businesses — particularly nonessential retailers and brands — to completely rethink how they used their physical spaces and, in particular, the employees within them. More retailers […]

Post-Pandemic Media Consumption: Online Streaming Accelerates A New Content Experience

When the COVID-19 pandemic triggered stay-at-home orders and canceled social plans, consumers turned to online media streaming to fill the void. TV/video streaming services touted exclusive content and low prices to lure viewers, and by June 2020, 48% of US online adults had subscribed to at least one streaming service. Our multimodal consumer analysis shows […]

Forrester’s US Retail Recovery Heat Map, June 2021 — Expected Income Loss Still High In Some Metros

Retail recovery is proceeding at different rates in various parts of the US. See how our US retail recovery heat map reflects factors such as economic sentiment, change in COVID-19 cases, vaccine rates, and retail foot traffic.

The Pandemic’s Long-Term Lessons For Retailers

As reopening slowly begins, we’re joined by VP and Principal Analyst Sucharita Kodali to explore how the pandemic has reshaped the retail industry and where retailers should focus their resources going forward.

Forrester’s US Retail Recovery Heat Map, May 2021 — Strides Toward Normalcy

In the US, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that, between January 8 (the highest peak in the US) and May 12, the seven-day moving average of new cases decreased 85.8%. Vaccination rates are steadily increasing, and the CDC has relaxed mask guidance for vaccinated individuals. The US is finally entering a […]

How To Make Sense Of Consumer Behavior After The Pandemic

Although it’s tempting to view the pandemic as a finite period in time and bucket consumer behaviors into “pre-pandemic” and “post-pandemic” states, over two decades of deep global consumer research remind us it's not that simple.

Adopt Three Practices To Boost Resiliency For Customer Service

Organizations that can rapidly react to changing customer behavior will lead. Those that struggle to meet the demands of this altered economy will fall further — if not entirely — behind.

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