Developers sometimes feel as though they work in the dark, writing code, pushing updates, and delivering features but remaining detached from the customers they serve.

Often relying on feedback from internal experts and best guesses, dev teams rarely have an unobstructed view into how customers truly use their features and feel about their products. Fostering great customer experiences and developing at speed might seem difficult to achieve simultaneously, but in my new report, “AD&D Pros: Stop Guessing And Start Experimenting,” I examine new and innovative experimental development tools that AD&D leaders use to capture more customer value quicker.

Experimentation platforms such as feature flags and A/B testing allow dev teams to try new approaches safely and directly measure results while in production. A/B tests, for example, have been a well-known tool for marketing and UX pros to test text or pricing changes, but now dev teams are discovering that these same tools enable comparative tests of back-end features and server-side modifications for testing different end-user workflows or when trying to optimize performance. Winning experiences and configurations can now be determined in hours instead of days, all in a controlled environment.

Click the link below to read the full report, which outlines the purposes, characteristics, risks, and benefits of multiple experimental development tools and dives deeper into how modern AD&D pros are successfully using them today. Click the second link below if you would like to view my January 2019 webinar on experimentation platforms.

Report: “AD&D Pros: Stop Guessing And Start Experimenting

Webinar: Accelerate Agile Delivery With Experimentation Platforms