My global collaboration with the Zero Trust guru, Chase Cunningham, is finally live!!! Driving any change in your organization, and getting support and advocacy for your security vision, is difficult and nuanced at the best of times. Security leaders often struggle with obtaining buy-in or support from the many stakeholders who will be affected by Zero Trust in particular. This is because it is prone to misconceptions: Topping the list are that it’s too hard, it’s too expensive, and it requires a restructure of everything. Managing these concerns needs your time to understand your stakeholders, articulate the business benefits, and lead them through the change. The human and cultural challenges of Zero Trust have been reiterated to me during almost every conversation about this topic that I’ve had this year.

This is why, to help our clients who are committed to making a change to a Zero Trust strategy, Chase and I decided to expand our collaboration and write about this. Specifically, we authored two reports that Forrester clients can access: “Sell Your Zero Trust Strategy Internally” and the sequel, “Bust The Zero Trust Myths.” Watch my video blog to hear about our research.