Back in May, Samsung banned the use of generative AI platforms in the workplace after news of a security leak caused by misuse of ChatGPT. While employees did not revolt against the ban, chances are that many of the employees continued using AI. With generative AI solutions growing exponentially, it will be nearly impossible to limit employee usage — think back to the early days of mobile phones.

Over the past few years, many of you have been assessing generative AI at work and its potential in reducing company costs, enhancing efficiency, and improving overall performance. Most likely, you have adopted automated tools/AI to support your hiring process, like 99% of Fortune 500 companies. You are aware of the risks of implementing AI into your workspace but also see immense potential. What you may have missed while focusing on the big picture is the fact that your employees have desires to achieve the same goals at a personal level. They, too, strive to increase efficiency and to improve performance, and now they have (more) tools to do so.

An MIT study shows that using artificial intelligence can increase productivity by anywhere from 20% to 70%. And Forrester’s research shows that when employees see an opportunity to increase their own productivity, they will gladly take it, even if it goes against company procedures. The reality is simple: Your employees are using generative AI at work. They are using it in your corporate office. They are using it while working remotely. They are using it with or without your permission. BYOAI — or, “bring your own AI” — is already the reality, and it is now your job to help your company and employees optimize the value of AI while ensuring that it is being used safely and appropriately by putting guardrails, not stop signs, in place.

BYOAI has the potential to be one of your top opportunities this year, which is why Forrester is releasing two reports to help you navigate the issue. We released BYOAI: Policies And Guidelines Optimize AI Opportunities In The Enterprise today. This report will help you learn more about the challenges BYOAI may bring to your organization, how not to address them, and how to properly communicate new policies and procedures with your employees.

Also, look out for an upcoming report that will provide a deeper dive into the actual policies that you should consider implementing to maximize the benefits of BYOAI while minimizing the risks.

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