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Text analytics is an efficient way to turn unstructured data into actionable insights. Learn how to align your business goals to the right text analytics platform by reading our insights and research.

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From “Text Analytics” To “Text And Document Mining And Analytics Platforms”

Boris Evelson October 5, 2023
In the upcoming refresh our text analytics vendor landscape research, Forrester will be simplifying and renaming the market segments. Find out why in this post.

The 2023 CICS Forrester Wave™ Is Live, And Competition Is Fierce

Christina McAllister August 16, 2023
Our first-time evaluation of this dynamic market, The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence For Customer Service, Q3 2023, is now live! We looked at the top 11 vendors in this market today and evaluated them across 32 criteria. Forrester defines conversation intelligence for customer service (CICS) as: Software solutions that analyze speech and text conversations between […]

Avoid Zombie AI Projects With Our Best Practices

Download our AI myths and best practices guide. Learn how to avoid missteps, prioritize value, and move AI projects out of limbo with quick wins.


Data Governance Unlocks The Impact Of Analytics: Data Strategy & Insights 2023

Jayesh Chaurasia July 12, 2023
Forrester data shows that fewer than 10% of enterprises are advanced in their insights-driven capabilities. Find out why in this blog post.

Will AI Reinvent Software Development?

What It Means March 2, 2023
Will TuringBots revolutionize the way software is developed? Or will they open developers up to new risks? Vice Presidents and Principal Analysts Diego Lo Giudice and Mike Gualtieri debate the pros and cons of AI for software development in this episode of What It Means.

Announcing The Forrester Wave™: Insights-Driven Business Process Outsourcing, Q4 2020

Leslie Joseph December 2, 2020
Buyer demand for greater value from insights and technology such as RPA, data science, machine learning, and advanced analytics are forcing both classical BPO and omnichannel BPO vendors to retool themselves into insights-driven BPO's.

Just Published: Dual Forrester Wave™ Evaluations On Text Analytics

Boris Evelson June 17, 2020
Enterprises have been successfully leveraging analytics platforms such as business intelligence (BI), predictive analytics based on machine learning (PAML), cognitive search, and others for multiple applications and use cases for decades. That has not been the case with text analytics or natural language processing (NLP) technologies. Forrester tracks over a hundred vendors whose platforms are […]

The Insights Beat: Stay On Course With Smart Data And Analytics Choices

Srividya Sridharan March 10, 2020
As companies navigate through murky waters amid global health and economic headwinds, as a data and analytics leader, it may feel like there are many things that are out of your hands today. As you weather these conditions, it is still important to chart a steady course and be laser-focused on the parts you can […]

Technology Architecture As A Business Growth Driver?

Download our guide to learn how to power your business outcomes this year by aligning your tech strategy and actions with growth and revenue goals.


Predictions 2020: Approaches To Customer Insights Evolve

Gene Leganza October 30, 2019
The coming year will bring changes in approaches to deriving customer insights. Only some firms will succeed.

Voice Of The Attendee: Data And Analytics Strategy, AI/ML, CX, And Growth

Srividya Sridharan October 22, 2019
Learn the topics that data professionals want to hear about most at the upcoming Data Strategy & Insights Forum.

A Use Case For Business Intelligence Vs. Text Analytics Tools

Boris Evelson July 26, 2018
I recently answered a client question regarding an application that could be based on either business intelligence (BI) or text analytics technology. Question: “We receive quarterly and yearly account statements for our investments. Each statement will contain key pieces of information, such as total contributions, expenses, interest income, etc. However, each vendor may format their […]

Use Text Analytics Technologies To Handle Mountains Of Unstructured Data

Boris Evelson June 14, 2018
Enterprises are sitting on mountains of unstructured data — 61% have more than 100 terabytes, and 12% have more than five petabytes! Luckily, there are mature technologies out there that can help. First, enterprise information architects should consider general-purpose text analytics platforms. These are capable of handling most, if not all, text analytics use cases, both […]

Everything you wanted to know about SAP Leonardo but were afraid to ask

Boris Evelson November 3, 2017
Large enterprise software vendors seem to be enamoured with using the names of historical figures or literary characters as brand names. Unfortunately, this is really confusing for the buyers, since the vendors apply these branding names differently. For example (in an increasing order of branding approach complexity): OpenText Magellan is a collection of business intelligence […]

AI APIs – Dead Simple AI

Kjell Carlsson, Ph.D. October 31, 2017
Building AI applications is hard work, but cloud vendors are making it easy by exposing simple-to-call, pay-as-you-use APIs. Want to add real-time speech recognition to your app? There’s an API for that. Want to recognize faces in an image? There’s an API for that and many more, courtesy of cloud giants Amazon Web Services (AWS), […]

Use AI-augmented Speech Analytics To Drive Growth And The Customer Experience

Kjell Carlsson, Ph.D. September 25, 2017
Your customers are very literally telling you what they want, what they think about your products and services, and what they think about their experiences with your company. They are doing this, often unwittingly, through conversations with your salespeople, your customer service reps, with each other online, and increasingly with virtual agents. Up until now, […]

Enrich Customer Insights With Unstructured Data

Boris Evelson May 9, 2016
Over the past several years, Forrester's research has written extensively about the age of the customer. Forrester believes that only the enterprises that are obsessed with winning, serving, and retaining customers will thrive in this highly competitive, customer-centric economy. But in order to get a full view of customer behavior, sentiment, emotion, and intentions, Information […]

What are the typical Text Analytics jobs and responsibilities?

Boris Evelson February 11, 2016
Hi I am kicking off a research stream which will result in the "Text Analytics Roles & Responsibilities" doc. Before I finalize an RFI to our clients to see who/how/when/where they employ for these projects and applications, I'd like to explore what the actual roles and responsibilities are. So far we've come up with the […]

Expand Your Big Data Capabilities With Unstructured Text Analytics

Boris Evelson April 29, 2015
Beware of insights! Real danger lurks behind the promise of big data to bring more data to more people faster, better, and cheaper: Insights are only as good as how people interpret the information presented to them. When looking at a stock chart, you can’t even answer the simplest question — “Is the latest stock […]

Finding The Right Vendor(s) For Your Voice Of Customer Program: Vendor Landscape, Capabilities, And Go-To-Market Strategies

Maxie Schmidt March 18, 2014
Are you looking for a vendor or vendors to support your voice of the customer (VoC) program? Or are you reviewing your current VoC vendor(s)? Selecting the right vendor or vendors can be hard! Why? The VoC vendor landscape is hard to decipher. There are many but relatively small vendors, and they rely on an […]

From Advertising to Advice – Intelligent Marketing Agents

Forrester May 8, 2012
Before the clouds, webs, and distributed networks people had to create their own spaghetti of logic inside a single building using machinery that looked like props from Doctor Who. Spurred by the need to crack the ‘Enigma’ naval communication codes during the Second World War Alan Turing developed an electromechanical device called the Bombe which […]

Commercializing Enterprise-Grade Hadoop: Tools For Harnessing Petabyte Analytics

Forrester July 6, 2010
Hadoop is riding the hype wave right now. You’ll find many IT professionals who know just enough about Hadoop to be dangerous in a cocktail party setting, but not enough for their own comfort to respond to grilling from the chief technology officer or the geekier business executives. If you’re slightly bewildered by all the […]
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