Forrester’s FeedbackNow team is excited to announce the launch of the touchless version of our globally deployed “smiley boxes,” enabling airports, stores, hospitals, hotels, and businesses of all types to capture and address customer experience issues in real time.

FeedbackNow has been around for years in high-traffic areas such as the 100-plus airports we serve all over the world. When COVID-19 hit, our clients instantly had new, unforeseen customer experience challenges. We knew immediately that in this moment, we had to innovate faster than we’ve ever innovated before to meet these needs.

We immediately went to work, and with parallel efforts, we launched our anti-microbial coating, QR codes, and capacity displays driven by our sonar-based traffic counters. On top of all that, we started on our highest-prioritized solution, the one we knew was most needed during the pandemic and in perpetuity: touchless smiley boxes.

Touchless feedback made perfect sense to us. Feedback — and especially real-time feedback at the moment of experience — was going to be more important than ever in a time when new customer needs, emotions, and behaviors were changing and evolving day by day.

Our clients will be experimenting with new operations such as curbside pickup, new boarding procedures, staggered store entries, and new ordering and pickup experiences. They need to know quickly what’s working and what’s not, and they need to adjust right then and there, not after analyzing two months of data.

Real-time feedback is essential if you’re going to adapt to the new normal. You’ve got to provide a new level of comfort, above and beyond that of your competitors. You’ve got to give your customers more control over their environment and let them choose more directly what they want and when they want it. Above all, you’ve got to get these experiences right with speed, treating customer experience like agile software development: designing, learning, adjusting, and iterating.

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