As an analyst researching user experience (UX), I’ve recently been conducting UX reviews of many banks’ mobile banking apps for an upcoming report. And I’ve been struck by how many of them contain poorly written content. Copywriting matters. Now, do you feel like skipping the rest of this blog post because this seems so basic? Exactly. It is basic — and yet, many banks apparently still can’t get it right.

Poor copywriting is damaging, particularly at key moments such as when errors occur. Technical teams can focus their efforts on stability and preventing errors from happening. But despite their best intentions, something can go wrong — for example, due to a network problem outside of the app’s control.

copywriting matters

Well-written error messages provide the reassurance customers need. It’s especially crucial when they are using sensitive services, moving money, or making payments. And choosing the right words in context is not an easy task.

Fortunately, though, we are seeing digital teams paying more attention to writing content well — an essential step toward better customer experiences that will boost business at firms that take it.

You can read more about this trend and eight others in our just-published report: “Digital CX Trends, 2019.”