Campaigns are the connective tissue between what is happening in your markets and what is happening inside the walls of your organization. They are vehicles to deliver messaging to market, they help to organize and align touchpoints with buyers and customers, and they also provide a construct for managing marketing resources and budget.

Many organizations have become very proficient at planning and executing their campaigns. This has resulted in marketing not only building stronger relationships with buyers but also elevating its standing among internal stakeholders. The secret to effective campaigns is balance: balance between customer needs with internal priorities, between longer-term business development with quarterly sales targets, and between the fabulous and the feasible.

But what happens when things fall out of balance due to external disruption in the market or things changing within your organization? From pandemics to local disasters, product innovations to mere budget cuts, it is easy for campaign plans to fall out of synch with their environment. This situation compromises the relevance of campaigns with target audiences and their efficiency of execution, either temporarily or for a prolonged period. It is a critical that campaign leaders actively monitor their environment, assess disruptive factors, and then take decisive action to ensure their campaigns remain aligned to business priorities and market conditions.

At the upcoming B2B Summit North America, Principal Analyst Rani Salehi and I will be introducing a simple, actionable approach to evaluate changes in your business environment and ensure that your campaigns remain on track. We will share with you what to look out for, the implications of different disruptors, and how to take corrective action within marketing and in partnership with other stakeholders. We hope you can join us!