Chief sustainability officers (CSOs) (and their VP, director, etc., counterparts) are paving the way to a green future, an undertaking that requires massive transformational change. With confident visions of a sustainable economic system, CSOs are setting bold corporate climate action targets to decarbonize the economy and build trust with stakeholders. However, different firms require different types of CSOs to drive such significant transformation. In our new report, The Four Types Of Chief Sustainability Officers, we identified 16 common characteristics across CSOs we spoke with and categorized them into four groups to help you identify your CSO type on your path toward sustainability transformation. Here’s a peek at the “Activist,” who takes direct and often drastic action to campaign for transformational change and achieve substantial environmental goals:


Meet the new CSO, a professional with no ego and a willingness to put themselves out of a job in the name of creating a sustainable company. They have the soft skills the organization needs to navigate the journey to a sustainable business. Schedule an inquiry with us for more information.

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