Security and risk pros can’t build a security culture by themselves. Security champions act as extra members of the security team; these people have connections across the organization and can translate security-speak into a language that everyone can understand. Security champions can help make your workforce more receptive to security policies and initiatives.

How do you do this? See our latest research here. I wanted to briefly share the key takeaways with you:

  • Building strong security awareness, behavior, and culture is so important. However, if you’re a large or multinational corporation, don’t do it alone. Not only will you have scale issues, but you’ll also need influencers from all over your business.
  • Your influencers can help you translate security into their business’s language, give you open feedback, connect their teams to you, and help your brand.
  • Our report provides many tips for how to build the network. Start small and focus on prep work; recruit employees with creativity and strong communications; and make sure there’s something in it for them.

Your security champions are crucial to rebranding security and its image in the organization. This rebranding is too difficult for you to do alone, and your champions will provide you with a completely different perspective, the one that matters: the perspective of your business.