Fresh off a successful event in Washington, DC last week, we’re gearing up for Forrester’s Privacy & Security Forum Europe in London on 5-6 October.

Forrester is gathering experts in cybersecurity, privacy, customer experience, regulatory compliance, identity management, personalization, blockchain, and a range of related topics.  Together, Forrester analysts and leaders from firms like ABN AMRO, DLA Piper, KPN, Lloyds Banking Group, News UK, Nordea Bank, and Scania Group will bring clarity to the most challenging privacy, security, and trust issues that we face.

As we watch yet another bungled response to a high-profile customer data breach unfold, it’s never been clearer that our companies desperately need our help.

But Forrester’s Privacy & Security Forum Europe 2017 isn’t just about preventing and responding appropriately to breaches.  Here’s just a sampling of what we’re looking forward to wrestling with:

  • The ethics of using customer data and how to navigate the divide between what’s legal and what’s right: Just because you can does not mean that you should.
  • How your company can profit by treating your GDPR compliance to-do list as an opportunity to win, serve, and retain customers
  • How to personalize experiences for customers without violating their privacy expectations.
  • Understanding the most cutting-edge attack techniques and the tools you can use to thwart them.

Your firm’s ability to navigate these issues is vital to its viability in the age of the customer, and the cross-disciplinary insights you’ll gain by participating in our Forum will help you blaze the best trail.

To learn more about the Forum and to register, visit Forrester’s Privacy & Security 2017 Forum Europe page.   Use discount code PSE17BLOG to receive a £200 discount.  Please do join us!