Seismic changes in B2B buying habits and technology are forcing sales leaders to adapt the ways sellers interact with buyers. The shifts being experienced by sellers today will only accelerate as we continue heading into the future, creating a new B2B selling landscape. At Forrester’s upcoming B2B Summit North America, my colleague Nancy Maluso and I will explore these shifts and the implications to the future of sales in our keynote presentation “The Five Ps of Sales That Will Power Success In The Future.”

The pandemic has proven once and for all that sellers don’t need to meet in person with buyers to be successful. Sellers have succeeded in this period of forced remote work, and although complex deals may require in-person meetings in the future, many deals will be closed with sellers exclusively working remotely.

Furthermore, the pandemic — coupled with the rapid of influx of Millennials and members of Gen Z as both B2B buyers and employees — has fueled a digital shift the likes of which we have not seen. These groups are are digitally native, and their purchase preferences will have profound implications to sales organizations. In a research interview for our upcoming report, “The Future Of Sales,” one sales leader told us, “We have seen three years of digital transformation in three months.” Digital is just one of four key buying trends that sales leaders must understand to be prepared for the new selling landscape.

Successful sales organizations will use the five “Ps” of sales — purpose-driven, precise, personalized, productive, and profitable — to respond to these four key trends and adapt to the buying habits of tomorrow’s B2B buyer. Understanding each of these elements in detail and implementing them will help sales leaders to attract, retain, and inspire the most talented employees who can consistently deliver the compelling buying experience that B2B buyers will expect.

To find out what it means to embody the characteristics of the five Ps of sales and ensure your organization is ready for the future of B2B selling, register for our upcoming B2B Summit May 3 — May 6. My keynote session, “The Five Ps Of Sales That Will Power Success In The Future,” is on Tuesday, May 4, at noon Eastern time. Also, keep an eye out for our associated “Future Of Sales” report.