The biggest trend of the summer is yet again proving to be generative AI (genAI). Unlike other passing fads, however, genAI is here to stay. Understandably, customers are concerned about falling behind their peers and also worried about falling for expensive, empty promises made by vendors. What’s just hype, and what are actual use cases they can start implementing? While genAI in enterprise resource planning (ERP) is still in its early days, here are a few considerations to consider:

  • Understand the near-term benefits. GenAI will free finance and operations employees from cumbersome tasks such as narrative reporting, customer collection emails, and account summarization. Instead of monotonously and manually performing these tasks themselves, employees will act as human reviewers of the AI-generated work. This will afford employees more free time to dedicate to other tasks, increasing overall productivity.
  • Explore key use cases. A fairly standard use case for genAI in ERP is text generation. Use genAI for narrative reporting, stakeholder communications, and emails such as collection emails for outstanding payments. Code development is another feasible use case, as it’s fairly easy to do when code is versionless and plentiful.
  • Don’t miss the forest for the trees. With all the buzz around generative AI, it’s easy to get swept away in the hype. Take a step back and consider the AI that you are already using in ERP, perhaps without even realizing it. Look at the broader ERP ecosystem, including hyperscalers and AI specialists. Most importantly, pay close attention to risk mitigation and governance. Laws and regulations around AI are still forming; make sure to stay up to date on them and that your employees have a clear understanding of the risks and guidelines, as well.

Where To Begin

Knowing where to begin on your genAI ERP journey can be overwhelming. Start by simply listening, learning, and exploring. Take advantage of any opportunities to learn from others and start trying new things. Have realistic expectations, and keep in mind that AI is not ready to do things completely on its own yet. Keep a human in the loop, and make sure that everything is carefully reviewed.

Forrester can help you and your organization understand generative AI in ERP. Read our report, How Generative AI Will Transform ERP, to find out more about the current state of genAI and how to get started. If you would like to discuss genAI in ERP in more detail, please schedule an inquiry or guidance session.