Forrester has been talking about the connection between employee experience (EX) and customer experience (CX) for years. And it’s not just talk: Our Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) and Employee Experience (EX Index) studies help organizations understand the key drivers of experience for customers and employees, respectively. But although we’ve published reports on government CX, we hadn’t published one on government EX until now.

In our new report — “Yes, Government EX Can Get Better!” — we examined global EX Index data and made three major determinations:

  • Government EX isn’t great, and governments can’t allow it to stay that way. Mission success relies on productivity, resiliency, and pride to drive action and accountability. More effort needs to be placed on improving government EX to support better outcomes for government employees and customers.
  • Significant gaps exist between employee experiences in the public and private sectors. We found gaps in all of the key drivers for government EX, suggesting that agencies and organizations need to find new ways of empowering, inspiring, and enabling their employees.
  • Government EX can get better. We pulled examples from agencies around the world — at the local, state/provincial, and national levels — to illustrate how to move the needle on five of the key drivers of government EX.

It’s time to improve government EX. Our report gives vital clues of where to spend precious energy and public funds to get the job done. We’ll also be covering this material in a webinar on Friday, September 25, at 11 a.m. ET/4 p.m. GMT. If you need more targeted help, please reach out for an inquiry with any of us or contact your sales partner for assistance.