Forty-six percent of B2B marketing decision-makers responsible for demand/ABM marketing say that standing up a new marketing approach is their biggest point of focus to support growth over the next 12 months. Enter lifecycle revenue marketing (LRM), the most comprehensive approach to frontline marketing. It’s also Forrester’s definition of best-in-class frontline B2B marketing. Here are a few tips for including LRM in your annual marketing plan and accelerating the LRM evolution at your company.

Forrester clients with access can use the report Chart Your Course To Lifecycle Revenue Marketing to map out an LRM transformation. The report includes key milestones and frameworks to guide and prioritize your initiatives. If you’re not a Forrester client, here are three tips for starting the conversation at your company and including LRM in this year’s planning process:

  • Use your planning process to cast a new vision for frontline marketing. Start shifting your marketing focus from short-term gains toward long-term customer relationships, or better yet, focus on customer partnerships. A marketing plan that can tie frontline marketing efforts to customer obsession across the full lifecycle will help reposition frontline marketing’s role in creating sustainable revenue streams and increasing customer lifetime value.
  • Include marketing collaboration touchpoints, in your planning. Emphasize ways that you can break through silos — especially those within your frontline marketing organization. Highlight in your plan the fact that more marketing alignment will also foster more collaboration and alignment between marketing, sales, product, and customer success teams.
  • Plan to be early adopters of advancing technology. To successfully implement lifecycle revenue marketing, businesses need to make new technology investments. Plan to invest in generative AI, revenue marketing platforms, B2B analytics, and B2B audience and data provider platforms. These tools will enable you to drive more adaptive programs, resulting in more audience engagement and engagement insights across the lifecycle.

To further explore the potential of lifecycle revenue marketing and discuss how it can be integrated into your annual marketing plan, schedule a guidance session so we can provide you with valuable insights, tested strategies, and actionable recommendations specific to your business.