The whole world and economy has changed over the past several months due to the pandemic. The global economy is in a recession. Advertisers are decreasing media budgets, which is leading to decelerating ad revenue for many of Silicon Valley’s largest companies. But consumers are seeking entertainment and connection during this time and are increasingly using and adopting digital technologies and platforms at an even faster rate than before. Case in point: Podcast listening is still growing, e-sports has taken off, and Netflix blew away subscriber growth expectations in Q1. Emerging channels are alive and well with consumers.

There are new and different opportunities for marketers to engage with consumers during these times. But you have decreasing budgets to manage, and it could be risky to invest in a channel you haven’t yet tested. So you need to ask the right questions before jumping into an emerging channel. That is why we researched and published a report on the top 11 emerging marketing channels to consider. You will also find a decision tree in the report (partial figure below) to use when evaluating an emerging channel opportunity during good and bad economic times.


So if you are considering testing an emerging channel soon, use this research to help you decide.

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