With the launch of Forrester Decisions for B2C Marketing Executives last August, we recognized the opportunity to expand our media strategy coverage. One of the most common themes across dozens of CMOs we interviewed this past year is that it’s challenging for marketing leaders to keep up with the constantly changing media and tech landscape. Yet, it’s more important than ever: Respondents to Forrester’s August 2021 CMO Pulse Survey ranked “improving the ability to innovate” as their second-highest priority for 2022.

Forrester Is On And By Your Side Across The Media Landscape

Forrester’s 2022 media and advertising predictions portend new waves of innovation and experimentation across advertising experiences and media revenue models will continue to reshape the marketing landscape. And we’ve got you covered. Kelsey Chickering joins Forrester’s B2C CMO team with over 12 years of practical experience in media strategy, planning, and innovation across three different agencies — most recently at Havas Media Group as an SVP of communications strategy.

Kelsey’s coverage will center around the media landscape as it relates to marketing strategy: investments/media buying, communications/channel planning, digital/social media strategy, media landscape trends, and a whole lot more, including gaming/e-sports and online creators. Kelsey is ready to conduct advisory sessions with Forrester clients, including:

    1. Media channel deep dives
    2. Media landscape webinars
    3. Audience planning workshops (building growth audiences, segmentation approaches, and toolkits)
    4. Communications planning workshops (how to build a communications plan, helpful frameworks, briefing best practices)
    5. Consumer journey media mapping (step-by-step guide to journey mapping, inputs and toolkits, putting your journey into action)

Kelsey will also collaborate with our existing team of analysts who cover a range of specific and pertinent media topics:

And I’ll continue to cover the intersection of culture, media, and marketing with an emphasis on emerging media, the metaverse, and the next-generation consumer.

Watch the video above to learn more about Kelsey. And if you’re a Forrester client, you can set up a Forrester guidance session or advisory with Kelsey to keep you up to date on all things media strategy.