Tell Us About Yourself

I have a mixed academic background in communication and advertising and environmental studies, yet I somehow always end up being attracted to technology. I don’t fully identify with the infamous Millennial label, yet somehow I’m constantly drawn to all things innovation. I have a long list of languages I would like to learn, places I would love to visit, and ways to help make the world a better place. Born and raised in a small city in the north of Romania, I moved to Amsterdam in 2010 and have called the Netherlands home ever since. I’m a dog person at heart, yet completely smitten with our two black cats while patiently waiting for that spacious home with a garden on the edge of a dreamy forest.

How Did You Get Interested In Data? 

Accidentally, as I like to joke. I started working in a very different area as a student with my first job as a junior graphic designer for an advertising agency. I went on to graduate with a diploma in communication and public relations and became an education program coordinator in the environmental NGO sector working on awareness campaigns for climate change and renewable energy. While sustainability and social work still have a special place in my heart, after finishing my studies, I became more intrigued by the role that technology plays in solving commercial and noncommercial challenges. During my work for Climate Action Network in Romania, I noticed the gap in technology usage among commercial and nonprofit and governmental institutions. My big question: Why is it that data and technology are suitable for selling toothpaste yet not for mitigating climate change or helping reduce poverty? So there I was, a curious 25-year-old, recently landed in Amsterdam with a fresh diploma in environmental sciences, digging into how data and technology can change the world. Fast forward 10 years later, I’d moved from the early days of programmatic advertising, digital transformation, and digital data marketplaces to the complex current data governance and data management ecosystem. And I’m still busy researching data and often coming up with more questions than answers. It rarely gets boring.

Fun Facts? 

  • I am collecting misspellings of my first name — I’ve encountered 12 different versions thus far. The most common is “Racula” (rhymes with “Dracula,” I suppose), so perhaps I should acquire a set of fangs!
  • Before the pandemic started, I was planning my first trip to Japan and started learning the language; I’m still learning the language and hoping the trip will happen sooner rather than later.
  • I’m always up for trying new very spicy dishes and sauces.

What Is Your Current Data-Related Interest/Trend You’re Following?

I am currently following the innovation trends in data governance and data management technology in relation to the varying levels of adoption in large and medium-sized enterprises. With the increased data sprawl and increased democratization of data governance, I see a new set of challenges and opportunities that will reshape the way companies, governments, and regular citizens will share, consume, and regulate data flows in the coming years. I am also interested in the development of data and technology ethics in relation to data privacy and transparency regulations as well as data initiatives for sustainable development, such as the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data or the UN Data Revolution Group.

What Topics Will You Be Covering At Forrester?

My research will focus on data governance, data quality, and master data management (MDM). I will be contributing research to the technology architecture and delivery service (for the “Capture, Transform, And Deliver Data At Scale For AI” priority) and to the CX leader service (for the “Embed Customer Insights Into The Business” priority), but also on the role of the chief data officer to the technology executive service (for the “Enable An Insights-Driven Business” priority). And I am also passionate about connecting the dots between commercial data governance and management practices and sustainability.

Looking forward to connecting with you at Forrester for briefings, inquiries, and advisory on all things data!