This year presents great challenges and opportunities as marketing leaders seek to ignite growth in an environment of economic and business uncertainty. Accordingly, Forrester has been out front with guidance to help B2B marketing execs best approach budget planning and navigate the uncertainty by staying on target. I am excited to join Forrester as VP and research director of the Forrester Decisions for B2B Marketing Executives service and to work with senior marketing leaders and CMOs to navigate the challenges of this year and help them transform their marketing organizations for the future.

Why Did You Join Forrester Rather Than Take Another CMO Role?

As a four-time CMO/SVP of marketing, I’ve run the marketing function for multiple organizations. I’ve defined and redefined brands, established thought leadership in new market categories, accelerated demand generation, driven growth through customer retention and expansion, improved competitive messaging, optimized operational efficiency, and more.

I’ve also been a Forrester client as both a tech vendor and a B2B marketer. Over the years, I’ve appreciated many Forrester analysts as smart, hard-working, customer-centric trendsetters who are collaborators at heart, so this is exactly where I want to be, driving even greater impact by helping leaders across many organizations leverage and improve marketing as a growth catalyst.

What Is The Forrester Decisions for B2B Marketing Executives Service?

Forrester helps B2B marketing executives envision and execute a long-term strategy that focuses the business on customer value. We offer world-class research in seven priority areas:

  • Formulate marketing strategy and drive transformation.
  • Develop the annual marketing and investment plan.
  • Shape the brand experience.
  • Develop a corporate communications strategy.
  • Design and implement an integrated campaign strategy.
  • Demonstrate marketing’s value to the business.
  • Create marketing structure and operating models that optimize performance.

For each area, we help you define, apply, and accelerate your efforts. We also provide you the opportunity to engage directly with our analysts and executive partners to discuss your most pressing questions and how to leverage Forrester research in your organization. Our B2B Summits are another way we showcase our research, engage with B2B marketers, and provide a forum for peer networking.

The Forrester Difference — Customer Obsession At The Core

As a marketer, I’ve always valued taking an audience-centric point of view. And Forrester’s research for B2B marketing executives is all about putting the customer at the heart of what you do. In fact, our research shows that customer-obsessed companies have 2.5 times higher revenue growth and 2.2 times better customer retention and employee engagement than non-customer-obsessed firms.

Aside from the quality of the people and the collaborative culture, this is what excites me most about joining Forrester: the ability to help our clients shorten the distance between bold vision and superior impact through customer obsession.

2023 is shaping up to be a dynamic year for B2B marketing executives. Forrester is on your side and ready to be by your side, empowering you to be bold at work.