Tell Us About Yourself

I was born in Amman, Jordan. Some weeks after, my family relocated to the United States and settled in the Midwest. My childhood took me from Minneapolis to Milwaukee and eventually to the south suburbs of Chicago, where I currently reside.

How Did You Get Interested In Data And Analytics?

Growing up, television shows and movies fascinated me. Storytelling as a medium seemed like a great way to be illustrative without being — perish the thought — boring. Naturally, I wanted a peek behind the curtain and ended up with a Bachelor of Arts degree in film and video from Columbia College in Chicago.

In 2012, I was offered a job at an e-commerce retailer reading customer survey data to solve in-the-moment digital performance issues. I know that doesn’t sound exciting, but it taught me a lot about how people perceive their experiences as customers. It was particularly revealing, because this was at a time when the retail space was changing faster than legacy department stores — like the one I worked for — could adapt. And before I knew it, I was sharing broader digital customer experience (CX) insights to online vertical leaders at the company.

In 2018, I joined TransUnion to help develop its B2B CX program by establishing KPI baselines across its international customer base and highlighting key experience opportunities. I went on to help manage TransUnion’s Consumer Pulse Study, which further solidified the company’s role as a thought leader for market trends. I was also consulting internal stakeholders, feeding the insights back into the enterprise to meet business objectives and answer pertinent questions surrounding an ever-changing market.

What Will Your Research Focus On?

My research at Forrester will focus on customer data and analytics, particularly to provide guidance to clients on how to best leverage customer data to enhance their customer experience. I am currently working alongside other Forrester analysts on research aimed at enhancing the application of segmentations to customer data by setting up a roadmap for customer segmentation best practices.

What Topics Are You Most Interested In Right Now?

In addition to my research focus, I am also interested in the role third-party data is likely to play in a world where consumers are much more protective over their personal data privacy. Apple’s 2021 decision to discontinue the use of IDFAs and Google’s cookie deprecation announcement planned for 2023 will force digital marketers to come up with other means to deliver personalized experiences in an entirely new landscape.

How To Connect With Me

Schedule an inquiry, advisory, or guidance session with me. Browse my published research, tune in to the data conversation in my blog, and connect with me on LinkedIn.