In 2022, Forrester launched the tech insights and econometric research (TIER) series to provide technology executives with valuable reports on the key economic drivers that enable them to make informed decisions and drive customer value with technology. Recognizing that public sector and government entities have unique needs, we have introduced our initial series of public sector-specific TIER reports. These initial reports include the following:

  • TIER: High-Performance IT Budget And Planning For Public Sector addresses the challenges surrounding tech budgets at federal, state, and local government levels and provides strategies for improving performance, such as reallocating resources strategically, aligning with goals, and fostering collaboration.
  • TIER: High-Performance IT Workforce Management For The Public Sector introduces public sector tech leaders to two workforce management strategies: widening and deepening. Widening focuses on expanding the workforce by attracting new talent and promoting diversity, while deepening aims to enhance the skills and capabilities of existing employees. Both strategies are essential for optimizing workforce performance, and our goal is to help public sector tech leaders leverage the full potential of their workforce.
  • TIER: High-Performance IT Investing For The Public Sector provides tech leaders with a blueprint for maximizing tech investments in the government. The report addresses challenges such as legacy systems and fragmented decision-making and offers strategies for fostering innovation, improving productivity, and enhancing service delivery. From this report, tech leaders can learn how to govern their investments effectively, manage technical debt, and approach investment risk comprehensively to ensure that they get the expected performance from their investments.

If you want to learn more about each of the topics, please read the available reports above or schedule time with our team. Additionally, join our upcoming webinar, which will dive deeper into TIER public sector work: TIER: Budget Planning, Workforce Management, And Investing For Public Sector.

This research falls under Forrester’s tech insights and econometric research (TIER).