In this new era of social distancing, the physical security world may seem less relevant. But the digital and physical worlds are converging. These dependent systems are increasingly tested to manage a diverse range of incidents ranging from extreme weather, malicious cyberattacks, terrorist attacks, and more. Emerging technologies like drones, antidetection systems, and 3D printing have exacerbated the threats. All of these threaten organizations’ operations and ability to serve and protect their employees, partners, and customers. Firms are realizing that they have an ethical and fiduciary responsibility to protect employees, customers, and others from physical harm. Demonstrating a commitment to security and the employee experience also reduces costs, maintains employee morale and retention, and improves customer perception.

We Plotted Each Physical Security And Employee Safety Category On The Forrester Tech Tide™ Graphic

The Forrester Tech Tide™: Digital Physical Security And Employee Safety, Q2 2020” covers the maturity and business value of technologies that support digital physical security and employee safety. We placed each technology category in one of four quadrants to inform your investments:

Invest In Security And Safety Tech With High Business Value

The technology categories covered in our report can help organizations mitigate existing and emerging threats to employee safety and security, are commercially available at enterprise scale, and have (or will have) market traction. Our research uncovered a wide range of innovations that are reshaping physical security and safety both for hardware- and software-based technologies. To learn more about this diverse set of physical security technologies and how they can enhance your existing physical security strategies, please refer to the report for a deep dive on technology categories such as:

    • Automated license plate recognition (ALPR)
    • Biometric access
    • Drone detection and defense
    • Emergency command center
    • Gunshot detection
    • Security robots
    • Video analytics
    • Video-surveillance-as-a-service (VSaaS)