Digital transformation will demand changes to your strategy, technology, processes, and organizational structure — and culture is the glue that brings it all together. Without addressing the human element, your digital transformation will either struggle to get off the ground, slow down or stall, or even crumble when you try to achieve scale.

Changing the internal culture consistently surfaces as one of the biggest barriers to digital transformation. And while the wrong culture will do more to impede your progress than any other factor, many digital leaders try to ignore it, because as a “soft” competency, culture is one of the hardest aspects of digital transformation.

But culture is everyone’s responsibility, and digital leaders must seed cultural changes that start to shift their organization towards a digital culture that is customer-obsessed, empathetic, agile, experimental, and collaborative. My latest report Fix Your Culture Gaps To Speed Up Digital Transformation shows digital business leaders how to do this, with the five essential actions that drive cultural change and practical advice on where to start.

Culture change is an incremental process requiring patience and persistence, so it doesn’t happen overnight. Our relaunched digital business playbook reflects this and the different stages of maturity that firms go through. We’ve examined how successful firms drive change with digital culture and split our content across three maturity levels – so wherever you are in your transformation, we can offer tactical, actionable advice on what you need to do next. Successful digital business leaders recognize the intrinsic importance of the right digital culture to create and sustain a competitive advantage in the marketplace – these reports show you how.Digital culture characteristics at different stages of maturity








  • Fix Your Culture Gaps To Speed Up Digital Transformation shows digital business leaders how to seed the cultural changes that start to move their organization toward a digital culture. It helps you identify the traits of successful digital cultures, outlines the five essential actions that drive culture change, and gives actionable advice on where to start.
  • Accelerate Your Culture Practices For Digital Transformation picks up the next stage in cultural transformation. Once the foundations are in place, digital leaders must accelerate change and embed values and attitudes – to entrench digital skills, enterprise-wide collaboration, and a strong focus on customer outcomes across the organization.
  • Apply Cultural Patterns From Leading Digital Innovators examines how leading firms place their digital culture in perpetual beta, driving continuous innovation and rejuvenation. It observes how digital business leaders use the same incremental, insights-based approach on their culture as they use on their software, to do what all great leaders do – inspire others to strive for a better future.

To accompany the digital culture research, over the coming months we’ll also be:

  • Hosting webinars and leadership board events to help you apply the research to your firm. Look out for our webinar next quarter to help you dive into digital culture and how to drive transformation with it, along with deep-dives for our Leadership Board clients.
  • Offering advisory and consulting services to help you go deeper. We have a range of virtual and in-person workshops and consulting offerings to help assess your digital culture and create an action plan for evolving your culture to support digital transformation.
  • Running our Digital Transformation forums in Chicago, London and Mumbai. We’ll be showcasing this and more thought-leading and deep-dive best practice content in our three Digital Transformation forums in ChicagoLondon and Mumbai in May and June, and Digital Acceleration workshops in New York and Durham, NC.