The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the world unlike any other recent event. As a result, it requires a unique approach to scenario planning; complex budget and workforce decisions; and a focus on managing the health, safety, and well-being of employees, customers, partners, and the community. CIOs need a comprehensive plan to understand how to shift and align tech budgets, where to make investments or organizational shifts for the future, and how to eventually return to work. As you move through the four phases of the pandemic, every organization will face new challenges, accomplishments, and shortcomings — and Forrester’s ongoing research is here to help you. We have put together a collection of our latest research for CIOs in three different areas: technology spending and alignment; tech solutions; and returning to work. Clients can read or watch the research below.

Technology Spending And Alignment

The pandemic recession will put more strain on tech budgets than ever before. Many CIOs will need to go deeper than delaying hardware purchases or trimming the new project portfolio. Application rationalization should be front and center as a source of new efficiency and savings.

Technology Solutions

For each of the major categories of the tech budget, we have tapped key Forrester analysts to provide guidance on where and how much to cut or increase spending for the rest of 2020, depending on your company’s “mode” and outlook. But prepare to adapt to changing modes.

Returning To Work

Organizations must plan a staged recovery to reduce the health and financial risks of future scenarios that include a second infection wave, a steep economic downturn, and permanent changes to employee and consumer behaviors.

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