Are you investing your design efforts in the right place?

Are you wondering if your company is really designing in ways that attract and create more loyal customers?

Have you ever felt like you were wasting time on some projects while neglecting important experiences?

Many leaders ask themselves these questions — about whether they’re designing the right things and putting their energy into the right mix of design projects.

We analyzed what design teams and services firms tell us they’re working on, and we found:

  • Design deficits. There are gaps between what businesses tell us they’re adopting (e.g., chatbots) and what design teams tell us they’re working on. What does that mean? There are design deficits — and design deficits not only lead to disappointing experiences but also accrue into design debt. And design debt, like technical debt, weighs down a business, hobbling innovation and growth.
  • Unintentional disconnections. Few design teams are intentionally working to improve the connections between different interaction points — like the website and the store. While connected experiences are the aspiration of executives, many design teams don’t, or can’t, devote design attention to intentionally creating connections due to lack of resources, interest, or expertise.

If you find yourself feeling like design is underused or misused at your organization, join me on May 11 and 12 at CX APAC. I’ll highlight where design attention focuses most often and explain where it should be placed instead.

Hope to see you there (virtually)!