The subscription model offers new opportunities for businesses to enhance the value of their offerings as they become more embedded in the changing context of their clients’ customer journeys. But companies need to have the right metrics in place to be able to support the shift of the underlying value equation.

  • Processes and systems for tracking subscription metrics continuously are key. Fast-changing customer expectations, accrual accounting, and contextual subscription offerings all depend on systems and processes that generate real-time and context-aware insights.
  • Act upon interrelated metrics to measure the health of a subscription business. Master the set of metrics analyzed in this report to transform from a traditional product sale toward a subscription-based business model.
  • Metrics must be integrated across divisions to deliver great customer experiences. For end-to-end customer experiences, the siloed organization must transform into an organizational structure where divisional goals are fully aligned along governance structures.

The report “Using The Right Metrics For The Subscription-Based Business Model” helps business and technology leaders devise and track metrics to measure the health of their subscription business.