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Environmental responsibility and sustainability impact the survival and growth of every organisation, especially as the risks from climate change mount rapidly. Explore the resources below aimed to help you embrace sustainability as a business practice and navigate the business risks posed by climate change.

The Future Of Business Is Sustainability

Leaders across the globe need to embrace sustainability if they hope to gain a competitive advantage.

According to Forrester, sustainability-focused companies have better financial results relative to their peers and investors are doubling down on sustainability investments.

Our experts have compiled the most-up-to-date research around sustainability and the impact it will have on leaders like you. No matter where you are on your sustainability journey, we have resources available to help.

Latest Insights


Don’t Adopt Nature-Based Solutions That Come With A Side Of Dumb

Renee Murphy April 29, 2022
As corporations look to express their commitment to the Earth and its earthlings, nature-based solutions (NBS) have taken on new urgency in the boardroom and sometimes not for the right reasons. First things first: NBS are defined by Forrester as natural and nature-based solutions to the consequences and causes of climate change that reduce an […]

How Sales Can Make Your Sustainability Sustainable

Anne Slough April 22, 2022
The concept of “sustainability,” as we know it today, was first introduced in 1987 in the famous Brundtland (for Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland) Report produced by several countries for the UN. The report defined sustainable development as meeting “the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” […]

Earth Day 2022: Questionable Momentum With A Side Order Of Panic

Amy DeMartine April 21, 2022
We should be taking confident and courageous strides toward creating future-generation-safe companies through purposeful actions such as reducing carbon through efficient and clean energy usage, minimizing water usage, expanding the use of sustainable raw materials, and increasing recyclable packaging while decreasing packaging altogether. These actions would support the overall theme this year of “Invest In […]

Application Sustainability Is More Than A Programming Language Choice

Sandy Carielli April 21, 2022
(Part 2 of a two-part series) Still Calling On Developers To Save The Earth! Two days ago, we introduced the concept of application sustainability and noted that while less abstract languages may have lower energy costs, there are other considerations in sustainable development and deployment. Whether your team is starting up a sustainable development initiative […]

Client Interview Series


Forr The Planet: Sustainability Interview Series — Ericsson

Abhijit Sunil January 19, 2022
(Photo by Abhinav Sunil) As the key backbone provider for connectivity and network infrastructure, the telecommunications industry has been in a spotlight for sustainability. With the advent of 5G, what can we do to build our new networks to be as energy-efficient as possible? I talked to Ericsson’s Heather Johnson, VP for sustainability and corporate […]

Forr The Planet: Sustainability Interview Series — Dr. CB Bhattacharya, University Of Pittsburgh

Abhijit Sunil August 27, 2021
Photo by Abhinav Sunil At the Katz Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh, the H.J. Zoffer Chair in Sustainability and Ethics is CB Bhattacharya. He is a world-renowned expert in business strategy innovation aimed at increasing both business and social value. He recently published his third book, “Small Actions Big Difference,” in which he […]

Forr The Planet: Sustainability Interview Series — Cisco

Abhijit Sunil June 30, 2021
The telecommunications sector is at a crucial juncture in its sustainability story. Many organizations are finding their ground in setting the right targets, penetrating the supply chain, and addressing their customers’ questions on sustainability. We spoke with R. Scott Herren, Cisco’s executive vice president and chief financial officer, and Francine (Fran) Katsoudas, executive vice president […]

Forr The Planet: Sustainability Interview Series — Dr. Suku Nair, SMU AT&T Center For Virtualization

Abhijit Sunil June 2, 2021
Photo by Abhinav Sunil The intersection of how technology platforms are evolving and how it both affects and aids sustainability is a topic that Forrester’s sustainability team is currently studying. We spoke with Dr. Suku Nair, one of the most respected computer scientists in the country. He currently heads the SMU AT&T Center for Virtualization […]

Complimentary Resources


The ROI Of Sustainability

Forrester research shows that sustainability-focused companies have seen better financial results relative to their peers, as well as higher employee retention and improved customer satisfaction.

Build a use case for sustainability in Europe and Asia Pacific.


Incorporating Sustainability Into Your Technology Strategy

Sustainability initiatives come with more than just goodwill, they result in tangible “green money” for the leaders willing to innovate their technology strategy


The State Of Environmental Sustainability In Asia Pacific

Positive climate action is critical for protecting the environment, but it’s also set to become a key competitive differentiator as APAC firms battle to build and maintain customer trust.


Getting Started With Your Sustainability Strategy

Innovative leaders everywhere must take steps to build more sustainable organisations. Sustainability-focused companies have better financial results relative to their peers and investors are doubling down on sustainability investments. We’ve created the following guide to help you get started on your own sustainability strategy.

Sustainability At Forrester

Forrester commits to reducing our carbon emissions by more than half compared to 2019 levels by 2025.



Innovative AND Sustainable? Akamai Says “Yes”

Are innovation and sustainability mutually exclusive? Not for tech firm Akamai. Get an inside look at Akamai’s strategies for driving innovation while meeting ambitious sustainability goals.

Chasing The ROI Of Sustainability In Tech

Did you know that the technology industry accounts for more than 1.4% of global carbon emissions? So what are industry players doing about it? In this episode, Analyst Abhijit Sunil and Senior Consultant Jan Sythoff discuss the efforts being made and the returns being sought.

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