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Forrester: Global Business Buyers Rank Competence, Consistency, And Dependability As Their Top Trust Levers

January 8, 2024
Forrester’s report, The State Of Global Business Buyer Trust In 2024, reveals that strong trust in an organization is essential and often determines purchase intent. However, business leaders often struggle to understand how to create trust and how it influences the buying decision process. Forrester identifies seven levers of trust: accountability, competency, consistency, dependability, empathy, [...]
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Forrester: European Customers Continue To Distrust Banks In 2023

December 19, 2023
According to Forrester’s European Banking Trust, 2023, banks in France, Italy, Spain, and the UK continue to face low levels of customer trust in 2023. The majority of banking brands in France, Italy and Spain had a ‘weak’ average customer trust score – with the UK the only country out of the four to receive [...]
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Forrester: Autonomous Vehicles, Business-Optimized Networks, And Zero-Party Data Platforms Among Additional Emerging Technologies To Watch

December 5, 2023
Forrester has already identified the 10 most important emerging technologies for 2023. In a new report, Ten More Top Emerging Technologies For 2023, there are additional emerging technologies that enterprises should be aware of — four of which will deliver benefits to most firms in the next two years. These include: Autonomous vehicles. These technologies [...]
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Forrester’s 2023 US Federal Customer Experience Index Rankings: US Federal Agencies Continue To Lag The Private Sector In CX

December 4, 2023
According to Forrester’s The US Federal Customer Experience Index Rankings, 2023, the federal government is still not providing customer experiences that are comparable to the private sector. Despite federal agencies’ focus on improving digital customer experience (CX), they lag in both physical and hybrid CX and deliver uneven experiences across channels and demographic groups. Key [...]
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Forrester Reviews Australian Mobile Banking Apps; 76% of Millennials Expect To Be Able To Accomplish Any Financial Task Through Mobile App

October 31, 2023
According to Forrester, 52% of Australian online adults agreed that they want to do all of their banking on a mobile app on their smartphone, up from 42% in 2020. In 2023, 76% of Australian Millennials and 69% of Gen Zers expect to be able to accomplish any financial task through a mobile app. To [...]
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Forrester: US Banks Are The Only Financial Services Firms To See Improved Customer Trust In 2023

September 21, 2023
According to Forrester’s US Financial Services Customer Trust Index Rankings, 2023, consumer trust in US financial services firms remained relatively weak and largely unchanged in 2023. US banks were the only firms to achieve a measurable improvement in average trust scores — despite the turmoil initiated by the failure of Silicon Valley Bank. The improvement [...]
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Forrester: Tech Leaders Must Develop A “Bring-Your-Own-AI” Management Policy To Maximize AI’s Benefits And Limit Its Risks

September 21, 2023
Forrester’s new report, Bring-Your-Own-AI Hits The Enterprise, reveals that more than a quarter of global AI decision-makers indicate that 51% to 75% of their employees will use generative AI technology by the end of 2024. Whether it’s generative AI tools like ChatGPT, AI-infused software, or AI-creation tools, employees are already using consumer AI services that [...]
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Forrester Singapore CX Index: Insurance Industry Remains In A CX Stalemate; Quality Remains Flat

September 13, 2023
According to Forrester’s “Singapore Auto And Home Insurance Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) Rankings, 2023,” while the overall CX quality of Singapore’s home and auto insurers improved steadily from 2018 to 2021, it suffered a setback in 2022 and has since remained flat in 2023. In addition, the industry average CX Index score remained unchanged [...]
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Forrester: Global Green Market Revolution Spend Will Total $326 Trillion From 2023 To 2050

June 28, 2023
A new Green Market Revolution Forecast, 2023 To 2050 (Global) report from Forrester finds that the transition to a green economy represents a huge opportunity for businesses. From 2023 to 2050, cumulative global green market revolution spend will total $326 trillion. By 2030, annual green market revolution spend will reach $8.1 trillion to capture 5.8% [...]
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Forrester: Consumer Trust Remains Relatively Consistent Despite A Volatile Year

June 27, 2023
A new report from Forrester, The State Of Global Consumer Trust, 2023, finds that even during a volatile year, consumer trust remains relatively consistent. Understanding consumer trust is key to developing strategies that improve it. Our research shows that business leaders who apply a systematic and scientific approach to cultivating trust drive revenue by building [...]
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Forrester: Advertising Agencies In The US Will Automate 7.5% Of Jobs By 2030

June 15, 2023
A new report from Forrester, Agency AI-Powered Workforce Forecast, 2030 (US), reveals that, by 2030, US advertising agencies and related services companies will lose 32,000 jobs to automation — 7.5% of the total agency workforce. While creative problem-solving roles will thrive, process-oriented roles will shrink due to the influence of automation, machine learning, and generative [...]
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Top Data Breaches And Privacy Abuses Exposed A Billion Records And Prompted $2.7 Billion In Fines In 2022

February 27, 2023
Forrester’s new research, Lessons Learned From The World’s Biggest Data Breaches And Privacy Abuses, 2022, finds that, last year, 1.2 billion customer or citizen records were exposed in just the top 35 global breaches. More than $2.7 billion in fines were levied by regulatory bodies to the top 35 violators. According to Forrester, 74% of [...]
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Forrester: Ignoring Generative AI Will Be A Costly Mistake For Enterprises

February 14, 2023
A new report (Generative AI Prompts Productivity, Imagination, And Innovation In The Enterprise) finds that generative AI can augment and enhance existing business processes in ways that were previously impossible. Forrester defines “generative AI” as: “A set of technologies and techniques that leverage massive corpuses of data, including large language models, to generate new content [...]
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Forrester: India’s Auto Industry Improved Their CX In 2022; Toyota Displaced Ford To Re-emerge As Leader

December 21, 2022
According to Forrester’s 2022 India Auto Manufacturers Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) rankings, Toyota emerged as the 2022 customer experience leader, zooming back to the top of the table and displacing last year’s leader Ford. Overall, the auto industry made progress, with the average scoring improving by two points and all brands delivering ‘good’ CX, [...]
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Forrester’s European Insurance CX Index 2022: Customer Experience at Insurers drops

December 8, 2022
According to Forrester’s “European Auto And Home Insurers Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) Rankings, 2022”, the average CX Index score for European auto and home insurers dropped significantly from 67.9 to 67.1 on a 100-point scale.  For the report, Forrester surveyed 11,484 European adult customers of 39 auto and home insurance brands in France, Germany, [...]
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Forrester: While Quality Of Customer Experience Improved In 2022, Malaysian Banks Continue To Offer Mediocre CX In 2022

November 9, 2022
According to Forrester’s 2022 Malaysian Banking Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) rankings, the average CX Index score of Malaysian banks improved significantly, from 62.7 to 65.7 on a 100-point scale. However, all brands are still stuck in the OK category. In this second annual evaluation, most banks’ CX Index scores inched forward and the rankings [...]
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Forrester: Key Insights For 2022 Holiday Retail Planning

November 3, 2022
As global uncertainties — inflation, labor shortages, and supply chain issues included — persist, retailers must reinvent their technology, processes, operations, and employee experience (EX) measures this holiday season. Forrester’s “The 2022 Holiday Planning Guide” outlines key insights to help retailers plan their marketing and fulfillment operations and deliver on consumer expectations.  Additionally, Forrester’s“2022 Online [...]
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Forrester European Banking CX Index 2022: UK Banks Continue To Provide The Best CX In Europe 

October 18, 2022
Forrester benchmarked customer experience quality across 47 leading banks in Europe   According to Forrester’s 2022 European Banking Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) rankings, customers rated banking experiences: good in the UK; OK in Germany, Italy, France, and Sweden; and poor in Spain.   Forrester surveyed customers of 47 banks across France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and [...]
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The State Of Cloud In Asia Pacific

September 19, 2022
As the largest contributor to global GDP, APAC has become a battleground for cloud platform providers from China, Europe, and North America, all seeking to capture a share of this burgeoning cloud market. Today, APAC boasts the largest share (37%) of the world’s cloud data centres, with targeted investments to expand onshore capacity in emerging [...]
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Forrester Unveils New Reports To Continue To Demystify Web3

August 10, 2022
The first, Web3 And Web 3.0 Are Synonymous Today — But This Wasn’t Always True, describes the interchangeability of the terms “Web3” and “Web 3.0,” despite many referring to them as the same concept. Learn more about how this shift took place — over a 23-year span. The second, Web3 Promises A Better Online Future [...]