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Forrester: Attackers Will Likely Exploit The Log4j Vulnerability For Months To Come

December 16, 2021
A vulnerability in Log4j, a popular software tool used by a majority of the internet, is giving attackers the ability to run their own code on whichever system they are targeting. While we have yet to see the full detrimental effects of this vulnerability, it is likely attackers will exploit it for years to come, [...]
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Forrester: Supply Chain, Chip Shortages, Bot Management Top 2021 Holiday Season Retailer Obstacles

November 22, 2021
Consumers are ready to shop this holiday season; per Forrester, 25% — or one in four — US consumers expect to spend more compared to last year. However, as retailers think about fulfilling changing consumer needs, expectations, and behaviors, they face several key challenges head-on as this marks the second holiday season influenced by the pandemic. Forrester analysts are monitoring [...]
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Forrester: Supply Chain Disruptions Have Become The New Normal’s “New Normal”

November 1, 2021
The supply chain crisis keeps escalating. What began as cleaning supply and home office technology shortages have since expanded into delays and scarcity for everything from appliances to automobiles. More companies are revealing that these shortages are prompted by disruptions in their Tier 1 or downstream supply chains. And it’s not likely to get better [...]
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Forrester on COP26: Driving Sustainability Transformation Should Be A Key Priority For Businesses

October 28, 2021
Climate change has already made itself felt in the business world. Business continuity specialists are building climate action plans for acute events. Meanwhile, investors are divesting from businesses seen as too vulnerable to climate risk. In light of the upcoming COP26 conference, Forrester has published a series of research reports to help leaders navigate the business risks posed by climate change and drive sustainability transformation. [...]
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Forrester: Workplace Vaccination Mandates Prompt Risk … But So Does Not Mandating Vaccination

October 6, 2021
The surge of the COVID-19 Delta variant in H2 2021 has again delayed many companies’ return-to-office plans. A rapidly-shifting regulatory environment – including new action by President Biden that will require all employees at firms of 100-plus employees (totaling 80 million workers) to either be vaccinated or get tested weekly – has brought the question of workplace vaccination mandates to the forefront.   Yet, according to Forrester, employee sentiments are [...]
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Forrester: Online Retail In Southeast Asia Forecast To Reach US$143 billion In 2025

September 28, 2021
Southeast Asia emerged as the fastest-growing online retail market globally, crossing $50 billion and registering an increase of 53% in 2020. Overall, the region accounts for just 2% of global online retail while contributing 10% of global online buyers, indicating that there is still room for growth in spending per buyer. Forrester forecasts that online’s [...]
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Online Retail In Asia Pacific Will Add US$1 Trillion By 2025

September 2, 2021
While the Asia Pacific region experienced the slowest YoY growth in online retail sales globally in 2020, it still added US$230 billion, with China accounting for one-third of additional global sales. As the largest market in the region, China accounts for 82% of the total e-commerce market and grew by 15% in 2020. Overall, e-commerce [...]
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Australian Banks Need To focus On Hybrid Experiences And Consumer Financial Well-Being For Post-Pandemic Success

August 9, 2021
CommBank and UP provide best mobile banking apps in Australia The pandemic drove a rush to digital out of necessity, with banks racing to serve Australian consumers on digital touchpoints due to the lockdowns.  According to Forrester data, mobile apps are the touchpoint of choice for Australians to manage their finances. In 2021, 42% of [...]
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Forrester: Companies Must Reassess Policies And Arrangements When Planning “Return To Work”

July 7, 2021
Companies worldwide are thinking about what an ideal “return to work” scenario should look like for their employees. According to Forrester, a striking 75% of CEOs expect their office spaces to shrink. At the same time, it’s predicted that 70% of US and European companies will pivot to a hybrid work model post-pandemic. Yet every [...]
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E-Commerce In Western Europe Saw Record 31% Growth

June 21, 2021
The Forrester 2021 Online Retail Forecast for Western Europe shows that e-commerce in the region grew 2.5 times faster in 2020 than in 2019 which means a record growth of 31%. The countries with the most developed e-commerce markets, such as the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, and the UK, saw the fastest rates of growth, as did food and drink, alcohol, video games, and [...]
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Forrester: Why Businesses Must Infuse Sustainability Into Their Growth Strategies

May 17, 2021
From evolving consumer and employee sentiment, to changing investor priorities and new competitive pressures, firms are adapting to a set of market shifts and physical risks that require a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. Today’s organisation must balance growth priorities with those of people and the planet, aligning with long-term customer and stakeholder values. At [...]
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Forrester Research, Inc. (Nasdaq: FORR) to Ring The Nasdaq Stock Market Opening Bell

April 30, 2021
What:  Forrester Research, Inc. (Nasdaq: FORR), one of the most influential research and advisory firms in the world will ring the Nasdaq Opening Bell remotely from across the country. George F. Colony, Founder, Chairman, & CEO, will ring the Opening Bell alongside the Company’s team in a virtual bell ringing ceremony. When: Monday, May 3, [...]
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Forrester: Business Resilience During A Crisis Comes With Being “Future Fit”

April 9, 2021
Most organizations were not ready for COVID-19, thinking the risk of a pandemic too remote to consider in their planning. Yet some were able to pivot to new opportunities. Others filled market gaps left by competitors unable to cope. According to Forrester, planning and execution of a “future fit” tech strategy creates an effective foundation [...]
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Hybrid Events: Considerations For B2B Marketers

March 19, 2021
2020 drastically changed how events were held, with B2B marketing and event teams quickly shifting to a virtual model. As we start moving away from social distancing rules established by the pandemic, marketers will work towards a hybrid model — blending both physical and virtual elements. New research from Forrester is designed to help B2B [...]
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In 2021, Security Professionals Must Target Five Cyberthreats To Get Out Of “Pandemic Mode”

March 18, 2021
As many organizations fought to reconfigure their workforce to be significantly more home-based last year per the pandemic, the collective threat landscape increased dramatically as well. New research from Forrester describes how security professionals can better reduce risk and furnish a quicker exit out of “pandemic mode” by targeting the following five greatest cyberthreats in 2021: State-sponsored espionage and disinformation: This year, state [...]
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Why Are Physicians Hesitant To Utilize Remote Devices In Healthcare?

March 17, 2021
Currently, more than six in 10 Americans suffer from at least one chronic disease or health condition that demands medical attention to monitor or treat once diagnosed. At the same time, many Americans lack affordable, convenient, and adequate healthcare; food, water, education, utilities, shelter, and safety; and community services, family, or social support. New research [...]
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The Next-Gen Workforce: Five Key Tech Areas Separate Younger Workers From Older Generations

March 16, 2021
By 2030, 74% of the workforce will be comprised of Millennial and Generation Z workers. Because technology will be decisive in satisfying the next-gen workforce, Forrester has unveiled new research that outlines the tech preferences of both groups, in comparison with Generation X and Baby Boomers. Key findings include the following: Gen Z and Millennials [...]
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The Digital Transformation Of Corporate Banking

March 2, 2021
Covid-19 has created a need for corporate banks to speed up or begin their digital transformation. Lagging behind their retail counterparts, corporate banking has been slow to transform. To be successful, corporate banking teams need to establish a digital vision and strategy that consider trends in cash and liquidity management, payables and receivables, and trade [...]
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The State Of RPA Maturity In Asia Pacific

March 1, 2021
The Asia Pacific region and markets in its constituent countries have been growth engines for robotic process automation (RPA) in recent years, accounting for roughly 17% of the global market for RPA services. Particularly in the aftermath of the pandemic, firms both large and small have shown interest in automation. However, companies continue to face [...]
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The COVID-19 Pandemic: Where Are We One Year Later? (Government And CX)

February 26, 2021
One year ago, COVID-19 was declared a global health emergency, impacting all sectors virtually overnight. With the pandemic hitting this benchmark, Forrester analysts are available for interviews to discuss how specific sectors have been impacted these past months worldwide, as well as what 2021 will look like as we keep adjusting to this “new normal.” [...]