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The One Question You Must Answer First To Get Execs To Fund CX

Maxie Schmidt

How To Get Executives To Buy In To CX Transformation

“How do I get executives to care about customer experience?”

I hear this all the time during client inquiries, and for good reason. No customer experience (CX) organization can execute a successful transformation without executive support (and the budget that goes with it).

To get the backing you need, you must tie proposed CX initiatives to what executives care about most: money. It’s critical to build a business case that boils CX efforts down to dollar signs.

In our complimentary guidewe provide detailed instructions on constructing a business case that proves the ROI of CX transformation, along with a fictitious but realistic case study of “Acme Bank.” Acme’s CX team aims to reduce call volume to its overworked call center by improving customers’ self-service options. By framing the transformation effort in win-win terms (wherein the customer gets better service and the company gets fewer calls), the CX organization sets itself up for success.

Check out the infographic below to get a preview of how the Acme team united CX and financial goals:


Download Capturing The ROI Of CX to get Acme’s full story, plus concrete, step-by-step instructions on making a successful CX business case and ROI model.