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The Future of Technology resource hub provides all the latest research on technology trends in EMEA to help technology leaders build adaptive, thriving, future fit organisations.

Adapt To Win

The businesses that thrive most during times of constant change and uncertainty embrace adaptiveness. Forrester data shows adaptive companies grow more than three times faster than the rest of their industry and technology leaders play a vital role in this shift. The Future of Technology in EMEA resource hub has been created to provide European technology leaders with the tools and insights they need to build the capacities and capabilities of an adaptive enterprise. In these blogs, webinars, videos and guides, our analysts provide their expert perspectives on where we are now, where we are going and how to proactively adapt to changing market forces.


European Predictions 2022

Use the complimentary resources to help you better understand what matters in 2022 and take the first actionable step to prepare your organisation for the year ahead.

Complimentary Guides

Transform Your IT To Deliver A Future Fit Technology Strategy

As customer and employee demands continue to grow, IT leaders are under great pressure to accelerate and innovate with technology. Learn more about the four key competencies tech leaders must embody to build a future fit strategy that delivers on these demands.

Four Key Trends That Will Impact Tech Strategy Decision-Making In EMEA

Understand the major disruptions of 2020, why they will still be with us for years to come, and how you can learn to work with them and still drive growth.  

The ROI of Sustainability

Forrester research shows that sustainability-focused companies have seen better financial results relative to their peers, as well as higher employee retention and improved customer satisfaction.

Guide To Future Fit Technology in EMEA

In an era of empowered customers and systemic uncertainty, technology leaders are searching for a new approach to help their businesses thrive. Download this complimentary Q&A guide to learn what the concept means and how it can help businesses in EMEA be more successful.

Entering the New Normal

Entering The New Normal

Five shifts will change business and technology forever. Our new guide “Entering The New Normal” identifies five pandemic-related shifts that business and technology leaders need to address in the short and long term.

A Guide to the Future of Work in Europe

A Guide To The Future Of Work In Europe

Download our complimentary guide and get access to the tools you need to transform your organisation for the future of work.

Complimentary Webinars

Overcoming Disruption: How To Adapt Your Tech Strategy For The Future

While the pandemic has driven technology leaders to search for new approaches to help their organisations thrive – pandemics and systemic risks will only continue to increase in frequency and magnitude. Discover how tech leaders can prepare their strategy for the years ahead.

Tech Executives Need To Make Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Core To Their Talent Strategy

Watch our panelists as they share how diversity & inclusion boosts innovation capabilities and opens new revenue opportunities.

Moving Beyond Digital To Become Future Fit In Manufacturing

Learn more about how European manufacturing organisations can evolve to become future-proof organisations.

Avoiding Automation Disaster

Not all automation is good or necessary, and as you scale it throughout the enterprise, risks increase. Is your organisation ready and do you have the skills? What are your automation options and how do you avoid automation disasters?

The New Normal For Technology Leaders In Europe

Uncover what it takes to be a future-fit technology leader and the vital leadership skills, qualities, and tactics needed to be successful.

The Future Workplace: Top Considerations for Technology Leaders in Europe

Discover the trends and opportunities for European technology leaders when planning their return to the workplace.


The New, Unstable Normal Roundtable: Five Shifts Will Change Business And Technology Forever

Learn how to plan for and adapt to five macro shifts to ultimately turn today’s crisis into a catalyst to achieve true differentiation.

Tech Blogs


Leadership And Innovation — Learning From The Triumph And Tragedies Of The New Space Race

Get an insightful look at the innovation lessons technology executives can learn from the new commercial space race.

Europe Predictions 2022: Technology

Discover Forrester’s most important predictions that will impact European technology leaders’ planning for 2022.

Smart Manufacturing Requires A Range Of Technologies To Succeed


Future Fit Tech Leaders Must Make Sustainability A Top Priority

Tech leaders must include sustainability within today’s strategies and key decisions to be truly future fit. They must think and plan beyond the obvious cloud benefits, make the future digital workplace a sustainable workplace and adapt intelligent automation to eliminate waste.

Tech Executives Need To Make Diversity And Inclusion Core To Their Talent Strategy

Learn why IT and technology leaders should make diversity and inclusion a core part of their talent strategy.

Crisis-Driven Innovation Demands Creativity And Action Under Pressure

Get five tips on how to incorporate crisis-driven innovation principles into your innovation competencies and practices.

Bosch Embraces Cultural Transformation To Drive Innovation

There’s a saying that “culture is what people do when no one’s looking.” Bosch is internalizing this observation as it transforms into a digital business; the company’s culture directly impacts the way it works and innovates. The implications affect the entire Bosch organization, including HR, product development, technology, finance, and management. Here are some of […]

Sustainability Resources


Incorporating Sustainability
Into Your Strategy

Innovative leaders everywhere must take steps to build more sustainable organisations. Sustainability-focused companies have better financial results relative to their peers, and investors are doubling down on sustainability investments. Use the resource hub to help you bring sustainability initiatives to the forefront of your strategy.

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