How To Build Your Customer Obsession Strategy

Selecting The Right Roadmap To Customer Obsession For Your Firm

Customer obsession helps brands win, serve, and retain customers more effectively, even in a tumultuous market environment. However, there’s understanding the concept of customer obsession — then there’s operationalizing it. Given that just 15% of companies are customer-obsessed, per Forrester’s 2019 Customer Obsession Assessment, it’s safe to say that putting customer obsession into action is no easy task. Leaders struggle with the basics: Who should do what? How long should it take? And what might it cost?

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  • Apply Forrester’s customer-obsessed operating model to your resources, priorities, and constraints.
  • Select the right roadmap to customer obsession for your company.
  • Inspire your employees to develop customer-obsessed habits.

You’ll also receive Forrester’s Operations Review worksheet — a model to help leaders analyze the gaps between their current operations and what they need in order to be truly customer-obsessed.

Shorten the distance between understanding the concept of customer obsession and operationalizing it. Learn how firms such as CenturyLink, Nordstrom, and USAA became customer-obsessed — and discover what your journey toward customer obsession will look like with this guide.

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