Almost four years ago, I began a new journey at Forrester Research when I agreed to take on the B2B marketing research coverage and practice. The first significant research that I conducted and wrote, “B2B Marketing Needs A Makeover – Now,” looked at the challenges B2B marketers face and how they address these issues through marketing programs and technology investment.  Little did I know that “Makeover” would become the seminal piece of research in a series that extends across those four years and culminates in an upcoming report next week.

Today, it is with a mix of pride, nostalgia, excitement, and deep appreciation that I announce the next step in that B2B marketing journey, which started in 2006 here at Forrester, but extends back more than a decade earlier through various high-technology marketing positions I held prior to becoming an analyst.

At the end of March, I will leave Forrester to become the Vice President of Industry Marketing for Xerox Global Services, North America.

Very simply, I have been helping many clients face down their marketing challenges, adopt new approaches, and improve the reputation and standing of marketing at their firms for some time.  While personally rewarding in so many ways, I longed to return to my roots where I could do more practicing and less preaching. Xerox offers me this opportunity.

Between now and the end of March there are a number of projects I need to finish up and research I need to transition. My colleagues, who serve the Technology Product Marketing and Management role, namely Peter Burris, Tom Grant, Tim Harmon, TJ Keitt, and Peter O’Neil, will continue to extend Forrester’s unique strength in B2B social media marketing with upcoming research that looks at the changing nature of social media use by business buyers in high tech and contrasts this with other industries.

As with any change, my departure creates a wonderful opportunity for someone new to come in. If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding opportunity to help technology marketing professionals and to write about business-to-business marketing best practices, I encourage you to contact Peter Burris at You are also very welcome to reach out to me as well at lramos@forrester.combetween now and March 31.

I look forward to staying in touch with you through Twitter, LinkedIn, and other popular social channels and sharing this next phase of my B2B marketing journey together.