My former neighbor bought the house next door primarily due to its 9-acre potential. Over the years, I got to see his garden develop from a razed backyard to a well-orchestrated, nearly year-round landscape of seasonal beauty. He’d continually prune out the anemic and plant new varietals that he deemed would more likely thrive in our climate. I was amazed at the ongoing evolution of his garden — and how much of it ended up on his burn pile. But he focused on the success of his garden overall and didn’t overly invest in any one plant, bush, or tree.

Despite his move to the West Coast, I was reminded of my neighbor as I sought a theme that would adequately represent Forrester’s spring webinar series. Today’s marketing leaders’ success depends on their ability to continually balance their investments and programs. So we’ve selected five areas of focus for Forrester’s B2B marketing spring webinar series that balance planting new ideas with pruning existing programs. I hope that you can join us live for them all!

Planting New Ideas: Social Selling And Programmatic Ad Platforms

On April 4th, Mary Shea, principal analyst, and Danielle Hall, senior manager of global sales operations for Genesys, will deliver the Taking Flight With Social Selling webinar. Mary will lead a discussion about the opportunities that this new selling method provides and offer advice on how to overcome common objections to change. Joining Mary as a guest participant, Danielle Hall, senior manager of global sales operations for Genesys, will share her experience and best practices in engaging in social selling.

During their "Use Programmatic Advertising To Optimize ABM And Reinvigorate Your Outbound Marketing webinar onApril 20th, Steve Casey, principal analyst, and Peter O’Neill, VP and research director, will examine the pros and cons of B2B-focused account-based-marketing (ABM) programmatic ad platforms and their B2C counterparts. He will also provide webinar attendees with a road map for adoption.

Pruning Traditional Programs: Go-To-Customer, Events, And Content

On April 5th, Lori Wizdo, VP and principal analyst, will share her insights during“A Simple Path To Navigate The Tough Journey To Customer-Obsessed B2B Marketing.” In this webinar, she’ll explore Forrester’s road map to B2B customer obsession — a framework and a set of tools to help you engineer a go-to-customer strategy that will align marketing, sales, and service on the path to customer obsession — at scale.

Laura Ramos, VP and principal analyst, will share best-practice guidance to revitalize the largest chunk of many B2B marketing budgets with Four Ways To Make Your In-Person Events More Digitally Engaging “ on April 11th. In this webinar, Laura will share new research on the current state of B2B events and explain why top-notch event execution requires a new mindset that puts the customer experience first and leverages five simple principles to improve event ROI.

And during their April 27th webinar “Three Approaches To Make Your B2B Content Engage Better With Buyers,” Laura Ramos and Jake Milender, researcher, will expound on the published results of a recently completed assessment of 60 websites and share best practices to leverage when crafting engaging content that creates client empathy.

And if that’s not enough, we’ve also made the "Sales Enablement in Action: Learnings from B2B Practioners" webinar available on demand. Clients can hear about some of the best practices Steven Wright and Jake Milender learned after interviewing twenty leaders.

I know that it will be tough for any of you to attend all of these, so please divvy them up across your teams. It’s going to be a blooming great spring!


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