Jointly hosted by Forrester and CMO Innovation, the inaugural Digital Marketing Awards Asia 2017 aims to inspire marketers in Asia by highlighting innovative approaches to and best practices for digital marketing.

We’re looking for exciting B2C or B2B digital marketing programs that clearly deliver on business goals. To determine the winners of the Digital Marketing Awards Asia 2017, we will focus on how marketers use digital marketing at each stage of the customer life cycle. We’ve created three categories of awards, each corresponding to a different aspect of what Forrester calls the marketing RaDaR:

  • Reach: programs that generate brand visibility. Reach efforts drive discovery and awareness. These include word-of-mouth marketing, paid social advertising, and thought leadership.
  • Depth: programs that close sales. Depth programs pave the path for exploration and buying. These include ratings, reviews, and brand communities for information that helps to close existing prospects or leads.
  • Relationship: programs that build loyalty. Relationship tactics increase the loyalty and lifetime value of existing customers. These include a consistent presence on a social media account and loyalty programs designed to create repeat business.

We use four weighted criteria to evaluate these digital marketing programs: strategies and objectives (10%), tactics and execution (10%), measurement (20%), and business outcomes (60%).

We’re currently accepting entries online. This is our chance to reward the very best digital marketing programs in the region, and we’d love to recognize the best work of companies like yours. Our deadline for entries is July 15, 2017.

Forrester clients can read our report about winners of digital marketing awards we gave out in China two years ago. We hope to see more great examples of digital B2B and B2C marketing this year — so if your company ran a great digital marketing program in Asia in 2017, enter here by July 15.