Harnessing the power of marketing analytics isn’t just about crunching numbers — it’s about unlocking a tidal wave of insights that drive business and marketing understanding and success. Performance data contains pearls of strategic insight, tactical campaign opportunities, and audience behaviors that can be used to optimize campaigns and tailor marketing and media plans to the needs of your business, industry, market dynamics, and customer needs and behaviors.

When it comes to navigating complex marketing insights opportunities and building your marketing analytics strategy, you don’t have to go it alone. There are many potential partners that can help you with your marketing analytics goals, including SaaS providers, agencies, and technology-enabled consultants. But each partner type provides its own blend of expertise, capabilities, and approaches.

Our recently published report, The Marketing Analytics Landscape, Q2 2024, offers a roadmap for navigating the maze of marketing analytics markets, starting with the business use cases that typically spark the search for a marketing analytics partner.

This figure contains a table with the core marketing analytics use cases and their corresponding objectives. This graphic has an associated spreadsheet that includes all data presented. Please access the spreadsheet for details.


You can use this report to understand the array of capabilities offered by marketing analytics and technology and service providers. But before you start drafting your shortlist, fulfill three strategic prerequisites:

  • Prioritize your use cases based on business impact. Start by assessing the business need of each use case and build specific ROI models that include the potential revenue impact of using marketing analytics.
  • Clarify your marketing analytics scope. Launch marketing analytics initiatives in regions with high marketing spend and revenue generation, analyzing the efficacy of various channels, tactics, and strategies. This data-driven approach to defining boundaries and scope will clarify to executives the rationale behind targeting specific marketing areas.
  • Harness the wisdom of your internal technology, finance, and data experts. You don’t know the answer to everything, so tap into your internal experts, including analytics teams, so that they can help choose the best methods for measurability and needed data requirements.

As always, we’re here to help! Reach out today for assistance in navigating the marketing analytics provider landscape and selecting the partners that will be the best fit for your business needs.