Man with innovative ideaCEOs want to understand how digital translates into revenue growth. They don’t just want to hear how similar companies have digitally transformed; they want to understand what the net result was on revenue and profitability.

If you’re a technology sales professional working for one of the myriad companies delivering digital transformation, you’ve probably already honed your pitch and cultivated your references to tell this story (if not, we should probably talk). But many digital professionals still struggle with convincing executives that all this ongoing digital effort is worthwhile. Many existing digital projects struggle to deliver on expectations. And many digital strategies are seen as a digital bolt-on to the existing business.

How do successful companies translate the concept of digital transformation into a real and lasting business change? Should you maybe begin with technology and then find a business or customer problem to solve, or is there a better way? And if there is, just how do you decide which technologies are going to be important? These are just some of the questions I’ve been asked by clients in the seven years I’ve been advising business leaders on transforming their business to become a digital business. Other common themes that come up regularly include what to do if the IT team seems stuck in the past or simply doesn’t get digital. Another common question: “How should we talk about digital to the board?”

I’m going to share some answers in an upcoming Forrester webinar, so if you’d like to listen in and even ask questions, sign up for How To Drive Revenue Growth And Profitability Through Effective Digital Transformation, coming up March 7.

As always, the webinar will also be available as an on-demand download after March 7.

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