Following up the previously published Now Tech report, I’m excited to announce that “The Forrester Wave™: Cross-Channel Campaign Management In Asia Pacific, Q2 2021” is now live.

Forrester defines cross-channel campaign management (CCCM) as “enterprise marketing technology that supports customer data management, analytics, segmentation, and workflow tools for designing, executing, and measuring campaigns for digital and offline channels.” In our 36-criterion evaluation of CCCM providers in Asia Pacific (APAC), we identified the 10 most significant ones — Adobe, Capillary Technologies, Cheetah Digital, Convertlab, Insider, MoEngage, Oracle, Salesforce, SAP, and SAS — and researched, analyzed, and scored them on current offering, strategy, and market presence.

B2C marketers in APAC require a CCCM solution that helps address channel-agnostic and mobile-first consumers and meet their moment-based expectations. APAC marketers need CCCM vendors to not only deliver world-class data management, analytics, and campaign design functionality but also to help tackle local business challenges, support sophisticated engagements across digital ecosystems, and provide local data centers and in-market support. As a result of these trends, CCCM customers in Asia Pacific should look for providers that:

  • Deliver mobile-first, market-relevant experiences. This is crucial to CCCM customers in the region. Covering APAC-relevant touchpoints seems easy, and some global vendors have decided to leave the heavy lifting to third-party service providers and connectors. But that does not fulfill marketers’ needs for deep localization and sophisticated engagement in those channels. Homegrown CCCM vendors may not have the most advanced current offerings overall, but they support APAC-relevant channels more extensively with more sophisticated features.
  • Invest resources in supporting local needs. One of the top reasons that CCCM reference customers in APAC would switch vendors is if the new provider allocated more resources to their local market. Lack of local data centers, lack of in-market product and engineering support, and new product features that launch later in-region than in the US are common reasons that CCCM customers in APAC say that their current vendor doesn’t support their needs well enough. Providers that do these things well in specific APAC markets have been rewarded with strong loyalty from their customers.
  • Have solid data and analytics capabilities beyond campaign management. This is a key strength of well-established global vendors and an area that CCCM customers are committed to investing in. APAC marketers have high expectations of CCCM vendors to provide next-level customer data platforms to meet their customer data and analytics needs. This will help marketers build the foundation to deliver truly channel-agnostic, moments-based experiences.

To see how the evaluated vendors stack up, Forrester clients can find the full report here — but keep in mind that the written report just scratches the surface of the full evaluation. Download the interactive scorecard tool and use it to customize the Forrester Wave model for your organization’s objectives.

If you are interested in digging deeper into the findings of the evaluation or want to discuss CCCM in APAC more broadly, please schedule an inquiry.