The COVID-normalised world that we live in today has significantly shifted the priorities and focus for marketing leaders when it comes to driving growth for their organisations. Marketing organisations have adopted and adapted to new skills. The shifts in B2B buying behaviours, which were already in play, have greatly accelerated over the past three years. Finally, with the current unstable economic climate, lingering inflation, the war for talent, and possibly shrinking budgets, CMOs have to deal with a whole slew of ever-evolving challenges. With change being the only constant today, our advice is: Don’t plan like you’ve always planned — make sure that you plan for change.

Forrester has put together a webinar for APAC B2B CMOs to guide them in their 2023 planning priorities. It will help you understand the dynamics of the changes at work and take into consideration some guidance that will help you to cope with these constant changes. We will cover the following planning considerations:

  • Evolving buyer behaviours. How have our buyer expectations changed, and what can we do to keep on top of them and respond to them?
  • Market insights that drive growth. What are the macro and micro insights that CMOs need to bring to the table, and what should they do with them?
  • Investing amidst uncertain times. Where can CMOs direct resources for maximum growth?
  • Driving up audience engagement. What can they do to maximise audience engagement?
  • The new marketing organisation. What changes are APAC CMOs making?

Join us 9 November 2022 at 1 p.m. SGT as we discuss these priorities. We will also be joined by marketing leaders from Adobe Systems, Grant Thornton Australia, and Juniper Networks in a live panel discussion as we hear from these esteemed clients on what priorities they are taking into consideration for 2023 planning.

Register for the upcoming webinar here.