Artificial intelligence is a big deal in marketing technology. Forrester sees strong potential in AI as an enabling technology for marketing, and it’s great to see many vendors embracing AI to enhance existing offerings and as the basis for new solutions.

But for vendors, mastering AI technology alone isn’t enough to get to the top. AI can be intimidating to buyers because it is opaque and difficult to evaluate. Vendors need to take a page from the branding playbook of the very marketers they are selling to. Because what AI-driven marketing applications really need to ensure success is a great name — something to humanize the technology and make it relatable beyond the ins and outs of APIs, classifications, and deep learning.

Differentiation is what this game is all about for vendors, and gaining recognition is critically important in an increasingly congested landscape of AI-driven marketing solutions. But don’t worry: We’ve put together a handy flowchart to keep your AI solution branding efforts on track.

If you need more assistance, there’s even an AI tool to name your AI tool — because of course there is. It’s very meta.

The options are limitless; name your AI application today, and start winning!