Marketing operations professionals have a tremendous opportunity coming up to drive their strategic impact by attending Forrester’s B2B Summit EMEA. With a dedicated Operations track, this year’s Summit offers content for everyone, from beginners looking to learn the ropes all the way to established leaders who are transforming their organisations. Attend sessions geared toward your role in generating insights to drive decisions, redesigning your B2B revenue engine, and building a best-practice data strategy. As always, you can also attend Programme of the Year sessions to see case studies from successful clients.

Join Our Operations Track For Advice Tailored To Your Role

The Operations track offers content intended for operations professionals within both marketing operations and broader revenue operations teams. Each session is designed with your function in mind to help maximise your impact on your organisation.

Foundations: Marketing Operations

Foundations sessions help new and experienced Summit delegates by presenting a fresh take on Forrester’s established B2B concepts, frameworks, and terminology. These sessions focus on the cornerstones of success that have been proven to help B2B organisations achieve high performance and intelligent growth.

The Insight-Driven Business: Using B2B Analytics To Strategic Advantage

B2B leaders are beginning to grasp the link between becoming insight driven and delivering superior performance. Revenue operations teams must drive an insight-led transformation but need to understand how and where to start. In this session, we’ll introduce the Forrester B2B Insight-Led Analytics Ecosystem, a new model that specifies the analytics processes and foundational capabilities that underpin analytical excellence across the revenue engine.

Operationalising The B2B Revenue Waterfall: Managing Opportunities From Top To Bottom

When an organisation makes the bold decision to embrace buying groups and move from leads to opportunities, it must make people, process, and technology changes across sales, marketing, and customer success. Organisations need a clear plan to launch an opportunity-based waterfall to manage, monitor, and measure revenue.

What B2B Marketers Need To Know About Buying Intent Data

Intent data is quickly transitioning from an innovative add-on for marketing teams to a core component of the modern marketing process. The term itself is so widely used and broadly applied, however, that B2B marketers often struggle to understand the differentiation between data types available and the appropriate use cases for each.

Navigating A Quicker Route To Data Unification Success With CDPs

Using B2B customer data platforms (CDPs) as a packaged application approach to address data quality and insights challenges has been a boon for organisations unable to maintain a custom solution. B2B marketers are using CDPs to integrate data silos, improve data quality, connect and analyse user behaviour, and provide a more comprehensive view of buyer journeys.

Is Your Data Work Making A Difference? Measuring The Effectiveness Of A Rev Ops Data Team

Most organisations recognise the importance of quality data to drive the revenue engine, but how do you know if you are getting enough from this valuable resource? Effective measurement of data management goes beyond simple data quality metrics.

Key Sessions For Marketing Operations Beyond The Operations Track

Of course, as a Summit attendee, you have access to all available sessions, not just the Operations track. Those who can’t attend live will be available online for replay and download. Across the tracks, you’ll learn how marketing ops can contribute to leadership priorities throughout the organisation.

Time To Reignite The Value Of Your Executive/CMO Dashboard

CMOs and marketing leaders face increasing pressure to demonstrate marketing’s contribution to the business. As go-to-market strategies become more complex and marketing’s role and scope continues to evolve, CMOs and marketing leaders must build or revisit their CMO dashboard to ensure it provides a well-crafted, holistic view articulating a clear story of marketing’s performance.

Professor Plum’s Dilemma: Solving The Marketing Planning Mystery

To build an effective marketing plan that supports your company strategy, CMOs and the marketing leaders who support them must play detective to find essential strategy, product, and revenue information. This can be challenging as such information is often elusive and disguised.

Smarter Demand, Scalable ABM: B2B Marketing’s Next Evolution

The distance between demand and account-based marketing (ABM) has narrowed significantly due to the disruptive impact of the pandemic and the need to connect more buyers in more accounts across multiple touchpoints. This intersection intensifies as companies seek to rationalise demand and ABM strategies to improve efficiency and achieve scale.

Stop Guessing! Predict The Impact Of Changes On Your Revenue Waterfall

Optimising the cross-functional revenue process requires many decisions across of the B2B Revenue Waterfall™. Leaders need to understand how to predict and optimise the revenue impact of changes in key areas such as their scoring and prioritisation model, nurture messaging, and customer advocacy programmes.


Join hundreds of your marketing operations peers at the Forrester’s B2B Summit EMEA, October 11–12 at the O2 Intercontinental London as we share the content I’ve highlighted above alongside lots of other ground-breaking research, models, and frameworks — all designed to help you drive measurable impact inside your organisation. I look forward to meeting you there!