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Key Takeaways From Coupa Inspire 2023

Meng Liu April 25, 2023
Last week, I joined Coupa’s Inspire event in Las Vegas with my colleagues Jeffrey and George. It was Coupa’s 10th Inspire event and the first big public event since it was acquired by private equity firm Thoma Bravo. A constant messaging that we saw throughout the event was around Coupa’s comprehensive and open platform approach. […]

Competition In The Global Cloud Market Intensifies, And Europe Is Very Much In Focus

Jeffrey Rajamani July 20, 2022
The competition in the global cloud computing market is heating up. Globally, the market is dominated by a handful of US cloud computing giants, along with a couple of Chinese companies and a plethora of much smaller European players. But there is anxiety across Europe. Fears are mounting (rightfully so) that the continent’s digital future […]

Entwickeln Sie Ihre Nearshore-Notfallpläne in Reaktion auf den Krieg in der Ukraine

Jeffrey Rajamani 30 März 2022
Erfahren Sie, welche IT-Dienstleister Niederlassungen in Weißrussland, Russland oder der Ukraine haben und welche Schritte Sie unternehmen sollten, wenn Sie sich heute auf ihre Dienstleistungen angewiesen sind.

Actualisez Vos Plans D’Urgence Face À La Guerre En Ukraine

Jeffrey Rajamani 23 Mars 2022
Découvrez quels fournisseurs de services informatiques ont des opérations importantes en Biélorussie, en Russie ou en Ukraine et quelles mesures vous devez prendre si vous comptez sur eux pour des services aujourd'hui.

Evolve Your Nearshore Contingency Plans In Response To War In Ukraine

Jeffrey Rajamani February 25, 2022
Learn which IT service providers have substantial operations in Belarus, Russia, or Ukraine and what steps you should take if you rely on them for services today.

How It Feels To Be A New Forrester Analyst

Jeffrey Rajamani January 5, 2022
My First Two Months At Forrester Have Been Enlightening I joined Forrester two months ago as a senior analyst on the tech and innovation research team. Through my research, I help tech executives create sustainable sourcing strategies, nurture better supplier relationships, and get better outcomes from their strategic investments in tech services. My research builds […]