We’ve just wrapped up another memorable CX Summit North America. It was amazing to spend the past few days with so many people who are excited about the extraordinary new possibilities that the fusion of human and AI capabilities present us. Now, as we leave Nashville and return to our organizations, the hard work begins.

In our closing keynote, Katy Tynan gave leaders advice on how to build the workforce of the future. She explained that, as AI shakes up the talent acquisition process in a talent-constrained world, leaders need to decide when and how to buy, build, borrow, or bot their way to the workforce strategy of the future.

In my own closing comments, I reflected on how the challenges and possibilities before us are greater than ever. CX quality is at a low, while — with the fusion of human + AI capabilities — the possibilities of improving are greater than ever.

As we all return to work to help build this future together, attendees will have help. All attendees have one year of digital access to CX Summit content. Forrester Decisions clients can schedule guidance sessions with the very same analysts they heard from this week to personalize their advice for each organization.

I’m already looking forward to next year! Several attendees have already asked me if I know what the theme will be. My answer: “I have a few ideas to start with, and I’m sure the fast-moving world of CX, digital business, and marketing will offer some of its own over the next year.” I can’t wait to join everyone in Nashville again next year to take the next step toward the future of CX.

And if you’re reading this in Europe, get a deeper dive in CX Summit EMEA next week! My EMEA colleagues have a great show lined up for you.